Dec 19

Finding the Pulse of Penis Pleasure—My Latest on Future of Sex!

The world of sex toys is expanding—and improving—by the day! Innovation and advances are bringing new types of stimulation that are knocking our socks off. And sometimes, these products have the added body benefits.

If you or someone you love has a penis, you have got to check out Hot Octopuss’ Pulse III. It is a revelation.

Read all about it in Finding the Pulse of Penis Pleasure on Future of Sex!

Aug 25

Listening In: The Sounds of Sex—My First Guest Post for Cara Sutra!

I’ve long been intrigued by the sounds of sex—beyond the delicious moans and groans. What turns us on between the ears can often be overlooked. And getting to explore this as a guest post on the inimitable Cara Sutra’s site is a tremendous pleasure. Much appreciate to Girly Juice and Christopher Zeischegg for sharing their thoughts!

Check out Listening In: The Sounds of Sex

Mar 22

Sex News! I love it! March 22, 2015

What I learned from a male sex surrogate

“That Would Be a Great Sex Toy!”: How New Age Crystal Dildos Changed One Sex Shop Worker’s Life

12 Gay Sex Positions Heterosexuals Should Try

Here’s What We’re All Thinking About Sex, From the 20-Something Sex Educators Who Know

Opening the Door to the Deliciously Disabled: The Importance of Having Accessibility in Sexual Spaces

‘Cum For Bigfoot’: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Monster Erotica

What do Asexuals Think About our Sex-Obsessed World?

I’m married. I’m a woman. I’m addicted to porn.

Sex Work Can Be Empowering, But The Sex Industry Isn’t

HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: Inside New York’s Chemistry Sex Party

5 Pros And Cons Of Being A Plus-Size Dominatrix, Because BDSM Is Not The Shocking Lifestyle Choice It Once Was

Scientific Advice For A Better Sex Life: Sleep, And Watch Porn

Why I Haven’t Had Sex in 10 Years

Boomer Banks on his future

I watched the Randy Quaid porno so you don’t have to

How to Survive a Dry Spell Without Lowering Your Standards

French dating site taken to court for promoting adultery

6 Sex Terms That DEFINITELY Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Sex, porn and mythical genitalia: Girls at single-sex schools aren’t that innocent

Better Sleep for a Better Sex Life

How 2 Transgender Porn Stars (And 1 Queer Producer) Are Changing Porn Forever

8 Secrets From Behind the Scenes of a Porn Shoot

Strip clubs closing due to lack of demand across Canada, says industry insider

Mar 17

My Latest Sex Stories We Love! Library Lawbreaking, Plant Sex & Sexy Spine Curves & more!

It has been a couple weeks of pretty out there stories to choose from for my latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly.We’ve got a woman doing cam shows in public libraries, lube regulation, butts and spine curves, outlawing queer conversion, plant sex, and the question of naming abuse on Fetlife.

Check it out and enjoy!

Jan 20

My latest Sex Stories We Love! Frotteurism, How Not to Clean Your Sex Toy, Safe Literature & More!

Writing about sex—particularly sex in the news—just feels so damn right. It really is what I wish I could do all time! Fortunately, I’ve got my little slice of the pie over at Kinkly—and here it is!

My latest Sex Stories We Love dips into frotteurism, dlido cleaning gone wrong, condoms in erotica, strip club commandments, the sexiness of creativity and bipolar disorder in relationships.

Read Here!

Dec 23

My latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly!

Writing for Kinkly has been one of my favourite things this year—especially the Sex Stories We Love columns. That said, I am delighted that this is my last piece of official work due this calendar year and I am enjoying the break. But I’ve already got some stories stockpiled for SSWL, the blog and other works, coming soon in 2015!

Check out my latest Sex Stories We Love featuring LEGO! Dornan! Fetish Photos! Furries! Infidelity! Language Transition Petition!

Dec 09

My Latest Sex Stories We Love: Banned in the UK, Bad Ass Parenting, and Male Birth Control

I spend a lot of time reading about sex, but writing my bi-weekly column Sex Stories We Love for Kinkly (shared with the amazing Bobbie Morgan) has given me an entirely new perspective on what sex news is. I mean, I collect sex news every week to share, but when it comes down to picking just a handful of items to discuss in the column, I have a really hard time! Sex news is everywhere. Sex in everywhere. Sex opinion and education and discussion is everywhere. And that is awesome!

This week on Sex Stories We Love, I get into the UK porn ban, sexy emojis, comfort with fetishes, Bound, awesome parenting, and male birth control.