Apr 18

Toronto International Porn Festival this week!

Toronto International Porn Festival—this week!

From April 20 to 23, 2017, this 4-day festival dedicated to adult film will empower, celebrate, and offer a platform for people of all genders, sexualities, bodies and pleasures to discover progressive and positive erotic films.

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The Best of the Last Decade: Toronto International P*rn Festival Review.
Thursday April 20 9:30pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
The finest films from the first ten years of the Feminist P*rn Awards. A specially curated selection of our favorite films submitted to the FPAs from 2006-2015.
Friday April 21 7pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
Sex is almost always unpredictable. This curated selection of films submitted for 2017 peers into alternative surprising narratives of sex and lust.

The Kinkier Side of Lust
Friday April 21 9:30pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
These films illustrate the unconventional side of lust, pleasure, and sex. We witness how, with courage, our true selves can emerge into public spaces.

Digital Play X – VR p*rn gallery
Saturday April 22 1-8pm at the Super Wonder Gallery   584 College St
An immersive virtual reality p*rn experience surrounded by a diversity of classic shorts from the Toronto International P*rn Festival.

VR: Erotic films by Lightsouthern and FiveStar  1-8pm

Panel:  Class In Session: Are sex workers and adult film producers the new educators?  Many people learn about sex from adult films.  Performers and producers have acknowledged this fact, actively taking on the role as sex educators and feminist, gender and body awareness advocates. Sex workers and producers  will illuminate how adult content as education can be empowering or problematic.  2pm

Panel:  Sex Workers and Performers Speak For Themselves:  Many academics and activists speak about the destructiveness of sex work and performing on camera without hearing from and valuing the experiences of the workers. This panel will unpack the myths and assumptions about sex work. Hear diverse stories from folks in the industry and learn what draws them to the profession, what keeps them, and how you can be an ally. Collaboration with SlutWalk.  3:30pm

Toronto International P*rn Festival Awards Gala
Sunday April 23 7pm at the Great Hall 1087 Queen St W, Toronto
Mingle with your favorite performers and directors as they vie for awards at the historic Great Hall. With short clips of the year’s most impressive films and stimulating live entertainment, the festival finishes in style with a sexy gala like no other.


Hope to see you there,

Toronto International P*rn Festival & Good For Her

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Dec 17

For Immediate Release: Toronto International Porn Festival April 2017

For Immediate Release:

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Media Contact: Carlyle Jansen     416-588-0900 xt6     carlyle@goodforher.com

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Toronto, ON, December 16, 2016:  

Good For Her, Toronto’s premiere sexuality store, launches the Toronto International Porn Festival, screening the most creative, expressive, diverse and erotic pornography the industry has to offer. As a response to the growth and popularity of independent and progressive erotic films, the former Feminist Porn Awards have now been rebranded to broaden the conversation about positive porn and reflect the diverse audience it attracts. These films are for people of all genders, sexualities, bodies and pleasures.


Audience at Awards Gala

The Toronto International Porn Festival (TIPF) will feature a series of events at iconic Toronto venues. Audiences from here at home and around the world will gather to watch and discuss pornography at the historic Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Conversations around porn will occur at the University of Toronto in conjunction with the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. The festival will culminate in a star-studded awards ceremony and party at The Great Hall, a gorgeous former church turned into a bold new purpose. Over the course of a weekend in late April 2017, the festival and awards show will celebrate and recognize erotic films that are inclusive and positive, representing a diversity of proclivities and desires in new and interesting ways. See the full criteria.


What: Toronto International Porn Festival: Festival and awards show celebrating the diverse erotic landscape of porn.
When: April 20-23, 2017


Awards Ceremony for Sexiest Short Film at the Feminist Porn Awards

Sexiest Short Award Presentation


  • More porn. (What people always request!)
  • Multiple screenings over 3 days, including VR (virtual reality) porn. Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.
  • More discussion about porn by those in the industry: Porn performers themselves speak about their profession, their choices and how consumers can best support positive working conditions with their purchasing dollars. Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto

And of course the notable Awards Gala:
Dress in style to finish off the festival, mingling with your favourite performers and directors as they vie for awards at historic venue, The Great Hall.

We wish to thank all of our previous volunteers, attendees, submitting pornographers and performers, Good For Her staff and Festival Directors, entertainment and presenters, sponsors, advisors and supporters for helping make the events as successful as they have been and encouraging us to grow and evolve. 

Media Contact: Carlyle Jansen     416-588-0900 xt6     carlyle@goodforher.com

ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company


Mar 27

Awakening the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation and Polishing the Penis

Awakening the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
Saturday, April 30th 1 – 4pm
Oasis Aqualoungue 
#Toronto – my awesome friends Charlie Glickman and Caroline Carrington are bringing some incredible pleasure to you!  Join them April 30th for their Awakening the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation workshop to dispel the myths and learn the truth about this powerful subject.  The class includes a powerful LIVE DEMO.  It will be held at the amazing Oasis Aqualounge.  Sign up today to secure your spot
Polishing the Penis: Mind-Blowing Techniques of Erotic Massage
Sunday, May 1st 10am – 5pm
Oasis Aqualoungue 
#Toronto – my incredible friends Charlie Glickman and Caroline Carrington are bringing a class to you I highly recommend!  Join them May 1st for for a day long exploration – Polishing the Penis: Mind-Blowing Techniques of Erotic Massage.  The class includes a LIVE DEMO and the chance to practice hands on in class.  Sign up today to secure your spot at http://daylonglingam-toronto-may2016.eventbrite.com
Feb 20

Sex School presents Staycation at Oasis Aqualounge

March 4, 2016 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Couples-$80. Women-$20

Oasis_Sex School-Staycation-Mar4_2016-webCongratulations-you have decided to take the plunge and visit Oasis Aqualounge.  What’s next?  If you are new to the concept of clothing-optional sex clubs, you probably have a lot of questions.  Since Oasis offers a relaxing spa environment, a variety of events and the chance to meet new people, there is a lot to  explore and learn.

On Friday March 4th,  Sex School will introduce Staycation at Oasis Aqualounge: Make The Most Of Your Visit, starting at 10:00pm.

This will be presented by Marketing  Director/Event Coordinator; Miss F.  Topics will include the following:

  • The history of Oasis Aqualounge; why we love what we do
  • Rules of etiquette and what consent looks like.
  • Our diverse Events Calendar – find your match.
  • Facilities, merchandise and more!

Whether you are brand new or curious to learn, this presentation will offer something for everyone.  Single women & couples are welcome to attend.

Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11:00 am-3:00 am for women and couples only. Sex School begins at 10:00 pm and is included in the cost of admission. Couples-$80, women-$20.

Feb 01

Sex School: Porn & Partnerships-Secrets To A Successful Relationship


Sex School: Porn & Partnerships-Secrets To A Successful Relationship

February 5, 2016 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Oasis Aqualounge—231 Mutual Street, Toronto

There is an art to finding balance between a having a  busy career and engaging in  an intimate relationship. Many of us struggle with maintaining a connection to a lover and dividing time for work.

Have you ever wondered how those in the porn industry manage their relationships?   Are you currently working in the industry and experiencing challenges with your partner(s)?  Are you looking to learn more about effective communication and how to address intimacy-either in or out of the industry?  Are you curious to hear some sultry secrets from a porn star who makes pleasure her business?

Sex School is excited to welcome  Sophie Rose and her partner for a fun presentation on ‘the ins and outs’ of Porn and Partnerships. Sophie will discuss what it was like going from being a single woman in the porn industry to being in a committed relationship, negotiating boundaries, sharing the ‘silver screen’ and maintaining intimacy while being an exhibitionist.

Whether you are outside the realm of adult entertainment or looking to reignite passion in your relationship, this workshop will have something for you!

Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11:00 am-3:00 am for women and couples only. Sex School begins at 10:00 pm and is included in the cost of admission. Couples-$80, women-$20.

Oct 11

Eroticize, Educate, Explore—The Arts of Sex Writing—October 28!


Eroticize, Educate, Explore—The Arts of Sex Writing

Sex is one of the most diverse topics that writers and readers can explore. Through erotic fiction you can lose yourself in a sexy and sensual scene full of rich and raunchy imagery. Sex education writing can enrich you with new information that is both thrilling and essential to understanding our needs and desires. And through non-fiction sex writing, you can learn about the issues that are shaping societies changing views of sex and sexuality—and the personalities who are driving that change.

Please join three industry leaders Andrea Zanin, Carlyle Jansen and Jon Pressick for a panel discussion and Q&A on these three connected, but unique, forms of sex writing.

Wednesday October 28, 2015
Imperial Pub (back room)
54 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON

This event is FREE

The Imperial Pub is wheelchair accessible.

Sep 19


I am delighted to be on the panel of this exciting discussion at the first ever Naked Heart—An LGBTQ Festival of Words.

Sex writing climaxes to a whole new level when you are both the subject and the writer. We’ll hear about these authors’ challenges, ethics and experiences.

Friday October 16, 2015
Glad Day Bookshop
598a Yonge Street, Toronto

Cover: $5 or FREE with a NAKED HEART Festival Pass

NAKED HEART: The LGBTQ Festival of Words

JON PRESSICK is the sex community’s gadabout. He is the editor of the Best Sex Writing of the Year book series, producer and co-host of Sex City and award-winning blogger behind Sex in Words http://www.jonpressick.com/

KATIE SLY is a playwright, performer, visual artist, and community organizer. Her video art has been exhibited locally and in Berlin. She has worked with Buddies in Bad Times, Nightwood Theatre, and her solo show Charisma Furs debuted at SummerWorks in 2015. Katie runs the arts-based activist project Too Queer: A Bi Visibility Cabaret.

MIKE MIKSCHE’s work has appeared in Instinct, The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, and The Blue Lyra Review. He is also a regular contributor to OurAgenda.ca and is the writer of Hole and Corner, a weekly column for Daily Xtra, which explores the profound connections forged through BDSM and public sex. His first novel, Paris Demands, was published earlier this year by Lethe Press.

STAR is a magical space-being spending some time on Earth as a painter, zinester, documentarian, advocate and activist for equity and social justice, sociologist-in-training, and coordinator of the Trans Collective at Ryerson University.

May 04

Best Sex Writing of the Year—Toronto Launch Party

Best Sex Writing of the Year—Toronto Launch Party

Wednesday May 20—7:00pm
Imperial Pub
54 Dundas Street E, Toronto

Live readings by Jason Armstrong and Jon Pressick
An intimate Q&A hosted by #DeliciouslyDisabled Andrew Morrison-Gurza
Video readings by contributors David Henry Sterry, Lux Alptraum, Mollena Williams & Hey Epiphora!
Special performances by Tiny B. Hiney and Poppy St-Viateur!

Books available for sale by Good For Her

What people are saying about Best Sex Writing of the Year 
Best Sex Writing of the Year is a conversation-igniting megaforce to be reckoned with that features some of the best sex writers out there.”
—Walker Thornton
“After reading Best Sex Writing of the Year and just beginning to digest it, I want to go around handing out copies to random strangers who look like they’re open-minded… or maybe to strangers who seem like they could use a good broadening of horizons.“
—Lynsey G. Lagsalot

“Just be warned that this is a book that will likely make you throw everything you think you know about sex and chuck it out the window. It’s thought-provoking and, in some cases, an emotional read and I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”
—Clitical Jenne

The Most Provocative Essays on the Subject of Sex

From the feminism to fisting to sobriety in sexual subcultures, the first volume of Best Sex Writing of the Year: On Consent, BDSM, Porn, Race, Sex Work and More continues the tradition of anthologizing of North American sexuality. Featuring essays that made national headlines alongside pieces that flew under the radar, editor Jon Pressick’s collection renders the social grey area of sex with insight, rigor, and (very raw) candor.

Best Sex Writing of the Year skillfully traverses the spectrum of the contemporary sexual landscape. Blogger Alexandria Goddard reflects on the ways that her coverage of the Steubenville Rape Case “complicated” its court proceedings. Writer and performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon explores the ways in which white supremacy impacts queer sexuality. Although sometimes light in tone—as with Charlie Knox’s “Oops, I slept with Your Boyfriend,” or Tina Horn’s fascinating glimpse into the daily life of a San Francisco Bay Area commercial dungeon—the variety of voices address today’s most relevant sexual issues, like Dr. Laura Agustín’s examination of the stigma around the sex industry.

Always thought provoking, these passionate yet incisive essays boldly confront the controversies surrounding our most deeply held assumptions about sexuality. In “Fisting Day,” author and porn performer Jiz Lee explains how repressive attitudes around fisting inspired them to create a whole new holiday around it. David Henry Sterry recounts his first days as an escort with both humor and a surprising tenderness in “When I Was a Birthday Present for an Eighty-Two-Year-Old Grandmother.” From an argument for celibacy to documentation of the most outlandish sexual fetishes, Best Sex Writing of the Year presents the true face of contemporary sexuality, one that is edgy, honest, and always changing.

About the Editor
Toronto-based writer, editor, blogger, and radio personality Jon Pressick has been specializing in topics related to sex and sexuality for more than 15 years. As one of the hosts and producer of Toronto’s long-running sex radio institutionSex City, Jon has interviewed some of the sex community’s biggest names, including Cindy Gallop, Joan Price, Jayme Waxman, Susie Bright, Tristan Taormino, Lux Alptraum, Reid Mihalko, Carol Queen, Dr. Charlie Glickman, and many others.