Feb 14

The Hook-up: Adventures in Harlotry

How could I not be intrigued with a title like that? 
What hooked me on this blog is the emotional depth and level of detail provided. Not just the sexy parts, but the relationship aspects as well. 

What lead you to blogging?
I’m a writer by nature and a journalist by training. When I decided to start dating again last year after almost ten years of celibacy, I found myself seeking out sexual adventures instead of traditional “dating” I realized I was going through something emotionally and I decided to start the blog to record what was happening and what my feelings were about it. Writing helps me work things out. And I thought it would be interesting for other women to read.

When you started out, did you think it would be as emotionally and sexually explicit?
Yes, but I didn’t expect the direction things have taken. I was and am committed to being completely honest about my actions and feelings on the blog, because otherwise there is no point to it. Also, women don’t talk enough about their sexual needs and appetites because (in the U.S. at least) sexually voracious and independent women are considered morally corrupt, threatening or crazy. In my small way I want to counter-act that.

Which do you find more challenging to write: the emotional or the sexual?
This is a great question! Unquestionably the emotional, because of the way I was brought up. We never talked about emotions when I was growing up; we denied them. Even after therapy, I have to sit down and sift through the emotional impact of things and struggle to express them accurately and honestly. It is the hardest thing.

What was the epiphany for you, that moment to make you want to change your life?
I saw what the future would look like if I didn’t make a move, and it scared the shit out of me. I didn’t want to continue living in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being made a fool of. All those things are part of a normal life and happen to everyone. I realized I wasn’t living a full life, and I didn’t want to continue that.

Would you have been able to have the adventures you’re having in, say, your 20s?
Never. I didn’t. I was too insecure, had little self-worth and believed that good girls didn’t do such things. I was educated in Catholic schools from nursery school to university, and had the kind of upbringing where I was taught men and sex were dangerous and could ruin your life.

What’s your current status with both J. and Terminator?
Ah. I am in a relationship with J., and although it’s been hard to curb the urge to fuck around, the emotional attachment, love and support we have is something I’ve never experienced before, so I want to protect it. I’m behaving myself. Also, we have great sexual chemistry, which is a major consideration for me. Because of his recent injury at work we’re on a sexual hiatus of sorts for now, but he has given me the option of stepping out of the relationship for sex, but I don’t think he will be able to handle it if I do. For the moment, I’m keeping my legs crossed.
God, the Terminator! We agreed to stop seeing each other for a while, but if I step out on J. He will be the one I call. He is my pattern: the emotionally unavailable, but tantalizing type I had relationships with in the past, that drove me out of my mind. Sexually intense, emotionally remote. I still think about him, he is so under my skin, although I know things would never work between us. It never ceases to amaze me that we met on Craigslist. Hilarious.

You’re planning to turn your blog writings and adventures into a novel. How is that going?
Yes, I hope to complete it later this year, but I just scrapped the beginning and started over. Other parts of it are going well. I’m also working on two erotic stories that popped up in my mind, so lots of erotica in the works right now. I never would have guessed, but I enjoy writing it.

Have you always fancied yourself a writer? 
I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. I’ve worked as a journalist and editor and now I do freelance writing. I’m happiest at the keyboard or with pen in hand. So, yes.

Where do you think life is leading you in the near future? 
Toward happiness and fulfillment, although I’m not sure what form that will take. I expect it to involve lots of sex and writing!

Feb 07

The Hook-up: Hunting for Sex: Cautionary Tales from the Quest

Introducing Hunting for Sex: Cautionary Tales from the Quest

I’m not going to lie, I get an immediate sweet spot for anyone who seeks me out about my blog or events. And that sweet spot turns into a raging hard-on when I read their stuff and it is awesome.

This is how I met Jason Armstrong and how I came to devour his blog Hunting for Sex: Cautionary Tales from the Quest. This is some of the best sex writing I’ve ever seen. Unabashed and thoughtful. Raunchy, funny and insightful.

How did you get into blogging? 

Throughout my twenties, I’d been a ferociously creative person. But I hit a creative wall at age thirty and found a “stable” office job. The creativity stopped, and that creative energy got tunneled into sexual exploration. Some of that exploration was amazing, some of it was challenging. About a year ago, I started to see a therapist. For the most part we discussed my sex life and the questions that arose from it. He suggested at the same time that I do something creative, like writing. “What would I write about?” I balked. He suggested I write about things I was talking to him about. Thus my first essay, about a hook-up I had recently had.

You want your blog to be a place for gay guys to discuss issues with sex. Did you see a void there? 

We men talk about sex all the time. But do we really share it all, or do we edit out the parts that we are afraid or ashamed of? I wanted to shed light on the hidden truths we keep to ourselves about our search for sex. Without shame. I wanted a real dialogue with readers, without the bravado or posturing we might use when discussing sex.
What response and feedback have you received on the blog?
It’s been amazing, but I got exactly what I’d hoped for and that was a dialogue with men. I have readers who comment on the blog or write to me privately and share their innermost thoughts on sex and the journey sex has taken them on. And you know what? I end up learning so much from these men. I have my truth, they have theirs, and in the end I am blasted away by the wonder and mystery of sexuality, in all its glory and difficulty too.

I was very intrigued by your post on alcohol and sex from January. In the weeks since, have you had more thoughts on your relationship with booze and sex? Have you found others who feel the same?
I spent many a moment wondering if it was a problem that alcohol was a fuel for my sexual activity. And my readers wrote to me and the question went in circles as we hashed out what constituted an addiction. I have a followup essay about addiction to add to my blog down the road, but in a nut shell, I decided not to pathologize my mix of booze and sex. Dammit, I’m just the kind of guy who likes to throw back a shot and get naked! Sue me.

Do you ever have difficulty writing about explicit, and sometimes very kinky, sex? 
I never have trouble writing about explicit or really kinky sex that I’ve had, because I never do it to be gratuitious. Instead, it’s necessary for the reader to know what I did in order for them to know how I felt about it.

Is there anything you won’t write about? My hobby is sex, the way scrabble is other people’s hobby. I’ll leave the scrabble players to write a blog about that. But when it comes to sex, there is always so much to write about. The difficultyI have is that I have a day job and so use a pseudonym when I write. And I hate having to do that…

You’re been to many great cities…where have you found the best guys? Ah yes, I’ve lived in New York, Montreal, Germany, Vancouver, and travelled to many more. But damn those German men – nasty in all the best ways! Open and liberated and sexual. I find that it’s not so politically correct in some gay circles to be so open sexually. It’s as if that should be a remnant of our gay history and we should now focus on getting married and finding a house in the suburbs. While that can be right for some of us, I tend to want to put the “sex” back in “homosexual”.

Have any of those guys you’ve written about seen/commented about your writing?
To protect identities, I do change the names of the people I write about. I would never in a million years want to comprise the privacy of the beautiful men who have shared my bed (sling, troff…). But I also have not shared my blog with many friends. I actually don’t think my nearest and dearest want to know that much about my sex life.

What’s coming up in life for you that you might write about? 
I’m moving to Toronto this month (February 2013), and am so excited to discover the sexual gems (people, places) of Toronto. Discovering your blog and website Jon was the first great diamond find! So you could say I`m coming to Toronto with open armsand an occasionally open fly (grin).

Jan 31

The Hook-up: Nikki Haze

Introducing Nikki Haze

Nikki is a pure powerhouse of social media, combining her blogging with superpower Twitter skills to sert herself up as a writer to watch. She’s got her erotica works up on Amazon, she’s taking control of her writing as a professional endeavour (on top of being a psychotherapist) and she’s one of the most enthusiastic and exciting people I’ve met through this blog.

Your blog is fairly new. What made you start it up?
I had this moment a few months ago where I was really struggling with whether to commit to my writing professionally or get my PhD, as I was being strongly encouraged to do. I shed other people’s expectations and the answer was easy. Writing is essential and not pursuing it professionally is simply out of the question. Fuck fear of failure right up the ass.
To me a professional writer isn’t necessarily a published author. A professional writer is someone who puts writing first and finds the time to slam down the words on the page no matter what. I love Twitter so much, but I’m quite verbose so my blog happened because I have so much more to say. Plus, I wanted a place to post “tastes”of my upcoming e-books for fans!

How long have you been writing erotica?
I’ve been writing Erotica in my head for a decade! I began putting it on paper four or five years ago. I’m an aspiring novelist in the contemporary romance genre and I found myself wanting a more explicit study of what went on between the hero and heroine behind closed doors. This is how Nikki Haze was born!

How has your experience been with selling your erotica on Amazon?
Positive. I was curious what strangers would think, and whether my words would get someone as juiced up as I get when I write. I found something sexy and exciting about putting this explicit material online. It’s created an opportunity for collaboration and dialogue with other erotica writers. I love supporting my fellow writers and promoting #writersunite. I’m not sure that it’s catching on!

Give us a little hint about your two books Cyber Sex Mysteries: Anonymous Masturbator and Cum Home?
Cyber Sex Mysteries: Anonymous Masturbator was SO fun to write! It’s quick, dirty and satirical. I came up with the idea for the second story in the series today during a meeting. I had to scramble for a post-it before the idea was gone. The working title is Cyber Sex Mysteries: Keep it on Vibrate. Watch my author page for updates!

A Taste of Anonymous Masturbator: A man was naked in front of the camera, gripping his hard cock. He was only visible from the waist down and Kassandra noticed that he’d hilariously chosen to keep on his dress socks. They were pulled half way up his calves and stuffed into a pricey looking pair of shoes.

Cum Home is about a young hot billionaire and the gorgeous “girl next door.” It’s fast-paced and sexy with a BDSM theme. I had a series of shorts planned out for these characters, but the second installment became a novella with much deeper characterization. I’ve combined it with an updated version of Cum Home and now I’m looking to have it professionally published.

A Taste of Ccum Home: Jason dug his nails into Cameron’s ass as he ground his hard cock against her pussy. The elevator doors slid open to his penthouse. What is it about an elevator that makes girls want to grab his cock?

Is having a blog a necessity to make it in the crowded erotica marketplace?
In most cases yes, but it depends on your career goals. For me a blog is an absolute necessity. Twitter is SO powerful. I cannot emphasize this enough. When you connect with a reader or fellow author over Twitter they want to know more, read a sample, etc. A blog is vital for growing a social media following. The amount of wonderful feedback and opportunities that have come out of my Twitter experience in the last month alone is amazing. Including the honor of this interview, Jon!

Do you do other types of writing or art? Anything sex-related?
I’m a very sexual person, but I’m sure that goes without saying. Even my non-erotic writing includes a fair amount of explicit sex. My contemporary romance novel revolves around one BDSM relationship and another M/M/F relationship. It’s dripping with sex. I’m an art lover in general. Right now I’m obsessed with the artist E.P. Neidich. Below is a digital nude she created of me.

How does being a trained psychotherapist play into your writing?
Being a psychotherapist is infused into every aspect of my life, especially my writing. The opportunity to sit with (and hopefully help) individuals who are feeling deeply and exploring themselves is a writer’s dream. In turn, writing helps me cope with the challenges associated with such an emotionally draining profession.

Are people surprised to learn this? Do they wonder if you’re scrutinizing their own sexuality?
People are certainly surprised to learn that Nikki Haze is a shrink, because I churn out some real filth on Twitter and my blog! In real life, dating is impossible because people think I’m analyzing everything about them. Of course, I am.
I live in a building similar to the one described in Cum Home. I have two sexy neighbors that have become my good friends. They learned about Nikki and told me that now, not only do they think I’m psychoanalyzing them, but have realized that they’re “way too vanilla.” I fucked one of them and woke up the next day with enough bites and bruises to say with certainty that isn’t so. I tweet about him often…

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

In addition to the next installment of Cyber Sex Mysteries, I’ll be introducing a new series titled Billionaire Playboys. On February 18th a sample of Cyber Sex Mysteries 2 will be available on Sandra Bunino’s fabulous blog.
Expect many more steamy stories and endless filthy tweets about my dominant lover, Insomnia. He’s a ruthless motherfucker and demands I not sleep.

Jan 24

The Hook-up: xoxoamore

Introducing xoxoamore
And more specifically, we’re chatting with the site’s managing blogger, Erika Szabo. She and a couple of xoxoamore’s bloggers (who we’ll be talking to in the future), participated in the sex blogging panel at Playground. I was instantly intrigued that by the idea of a sex blog put out by a mainstream sexuality store…and whether it would be any different than the indie sex blogs. And it is, but in great ways. xoxoamore is a fantastic site of articles, advice and a wonderful video series.  
How did you get into blogging?

Hmm… Oddly enough, my job as a blogger started on a total whim. For a long time I wanted to be a fiction short story, poetry writer, but I took a chance and started writing for a music blog my friend wrote for. From there I went on to write for a few other music and film blogs and magazines including PopMatters.com and BlackFlash Magazine. My time with these outlets was fun and, by that time, I was really getting a knack for writing reviews and features. I just really liked the spontaneity and freedom, most of all; it gave me the chance to explore all of my passions. Right now, those are centered around video games and sexuality (interesting combo, I know). You can check out my current work on Future Shop Tech Blog, Eggplante and my sex-positive blog xoxoamore.

How did xoxoamore come into being?
I think it all started the moment I began working at Seduction in 2010. I’ve always been a sexually open person, but my experience working here taught me a lot about other people’s perceptions and kinks. It also helped me approach sex in a much more professional and educational way, essential when discussing it with customers. About a year in, my boss started looking for someone to do product details for the Seduction website which I went for immediately. I snagged the position and we got to talking about creating a sex-positive blog inspired by our customers, and the idea quickly took off. xoxoamore is over a year old now and has been a total labour of love, I honestly couldn’t be happier knowing everyone at the blog is creating quality content that our readers can take away and explore.

Is there a difference, for you, in blogging for an employer, than for yourself, particularly in terms of sex?
Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a total free spirit. I’ve never liked the idea of working under someone else’s schedule or rules, unless it was something I was really, really passionate about. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that working at Seduction, and I’m given total freedom in managing the blog. I get to do this a few days a week in Seductions’ back office and hang out with my boss’ poodle. I really couldn’t ask for more.

What are your favourite topics to write on?

Tough question! I think it really depends on what I’m feeling at the moment. Maybe it’s a Sex 101 on Urethral Sounding (coming soon, by the way) or a review on a silicone dildo I recently tried. As long as it inspires me I’ll probably write about it at some point or another.

What are the best and worst sex toys you have reviewed?
The best would have to go to Luxotiq’s Athena double-ended glass dildo. Not only is it probably one of the prettiest toys I own, it feels magical.
I consider myself fortunate that I haven’t really had a toy that’s been so bad I’d consider it my worst. There’s definitely been a few that haven’t worked for me, but by no means are they poor quality. Sometimes I don’t think people realize how important quality is in a sex toy, whether it has to do with the materials being used, design or variation in use. I’m glad to know reviewers are so critical about these very personal products, so you can rest assure I will be too when it ultimately happens. I won’t be happy, but at least I can help avoid any regrettable purchases.

Be honest: how is managing a bunch of sex bloggers?
Oh, I love it. We don’t have a very big team so it’s not as difficult to manage as you might expect. And, personally, I don’t think I want it to be much larger than it is now unless we have guest blog posts, also fun additions to the site. The one downside to managing xoxoamore is that I don’t have as much time to write my own content. Web design, editing, emails and promotion take a lot of time and energy, but I try my best to sneak in some of my own articles in every now and again.

How do you like starring in video posts?
I don’t usually like doing video posts, I’ve always preferred working in the background, but Tyson (our videographer for xoxoamore’s video series, XO Video) is so fun and easy to work with. I hate memorizing scripts, I can’t express the same sort of enthusiasm in acting as I do when I write, but he makes it so much more enjoyable than I would have ever imagined. That said, we recently filmed a few Pole Dancing 101 videos which were a total blast. Pole dancing is a huge hobby for me and something I’m so happy I could bring to the medium. I can’t wait to do more.

What other types of writing/blogging/casting do you do?
I already mentioned this earlier, but on top of sexuality writing I also like to write about video games. I’ve been an avid gamer since my family got a Super Nintendo and that passion has stayed with me over the years. I feel so lucky that I get to making a living doing what I love most.

What can we look forward to in the future from xoxoamore and yourself?

We have tons more reviews, sex 101s, videos and guest blogs in store. There’s always plenty happening in Toronto so I’m sure we’ll be offering plenty of event coverage as well. In addition to all that, I’m hoping to possibly start a sexuality podcast as long as there’s enough interest. That’s still way down the road, but hopefully something that will become a reality.
As for my personal endeavours, I’d love to do a sexuality workshop or two, primarily on urethral sounding or starting a sex blog. But before I can do that, my first job is to get rid of my awful case of stage fright. Not sure how or when, but it’s gotta happen.
Jan 17

The Hook-up: theblackleatherbelt

While it may not seem it, I haven’t really used Twitter for all that long. I probably use it too much now, but that’s not the point.

Introducing theblackleatherbelt.

If I weren’t abusing Twitter so much these days, I’d have never come across Lily Lloyd‘s theblackleatherbelt and her fantastic #SexReader Best of 2012. This list gave me so much good reading and many great connections of bloggers to feature right here! So it seems only natural to chat with her here. 

How did you get into blogging and start theblackleatherbelt?
I was one of those girls who had the diary with the Genuine Gold-Toned Page Edges And Lock (I’m sure some of your readers will know exactly the kind of thing I’m thinking about, but if they don’t, this is it—only mine had a much flimsier lock that probably could have been picked by giving it a really mean look). As I got older I got cooler notebooks and called them journals.
So the transition to blogging was really rather natural except for one thing: I had to change what I wrote about. It didn’t seem fair to complain about people in a public journal, for one thing. So I adopted a rule: I never said anything on my blog about someone else that I wouldn’t tell to a friendly stranger at a bus stop. I’d very merrily violate my own privacy, but not anyone else’s.
As I came to a part of my life where sex was a bigger part of the plot, that guideline didn’t really work. It was impossible for me to write about my own sex life without writing about someone else’s. What was I going to do? Ultimately, I started another blog. I use a pseudonym. My partners know about the blog and I have had discussions with them about what they feel comfortable having me write about and what they’d prefer to keep private.

What or who inspires your writing?
My partners. In very large part, my blog is a hymn of praise to them, a recounting of the transcendent and ecstatic experiences I’ve had in their presence. I don’t write about every encounter—I write about the sex I have that changes my mind, or changes my heart. My relationships have changed my sense of what is possible, and they have changed my sense of what about me is lovable; my partners love things about me I’ve spent a lifetime trying to minimize or get rid of. It is very humbling to be loved for something about yourself you thought was completely unlovable.
I also write about more general issues in the area of kink and non-monogamous relationships, because I think sex and relationships are important, deep topics that don’t always get the kind of focus and attention they deserve. There are lots of “Ten Tips For Spicing It Up In The Bedroom!” and of course porn, and while I don’t really object to either of those, neither one ever helped me have better sex or a more solid connection with a partner.

How do you track down all of the sites in your #SexReader Best Of list?
I find the things I link to in three ways—through the RSS feeds of blogs I subscribe to, through scanning through traditional media for stories on the topic that are actually worth reading, and by noticing what others contribute to the #SexReader hashtag on Twitter. For the first “Best Of,” I also approached a few authors individually whose writing I admire and think is worth sharing.
So far we’ve done the #SexReader Best of 2012, which asked writers to contribute the best piece about sex & relationships they wrote in the past year. The upcoming one is #SexReader: Cupid’s Arrow, which invites people to contribute links to pieces they wrote about love, crushes, and romantic disasters. (Deadline Feb 1!)

Does being a sex blogger leak into any other parts of your life?
Deciding as an adult to be brave enough to pursue the kind of sex I found thrilling absolutely changed my life in very profound ways. It was scary, in part because I was and am married to someone I love very much and with whom I have children, and I worried that confessing my kinks to him might trigger a breakup. (In retrospect, I think my fear was silly but understandable for someone growing up in an environment where sex was embedded in a very shame and fear-based culture).
Opening our relationship actually felt less momentous and scary to me than that revelation. Writing the blog seemed like standard operating procedure for me; I barely know what I think until I write it down, and I’ve been writing down my experiences to make sense of the world since I was a child.
There is one (very delightful) way that my blog “leaks into” the rest of my life. One of the unintended consequences of my blog is that my husband and my girlfriend now have a fan base. I love that and believe they deserve all the acclimation they can get.
Though it’s hard to find direct causes for this, the biggest and most widespread impact of me “getting right” with my sexuality is that I feel at peace. I had no idea how stressful suppressing that part of myself was until I stopped doing it. I’m much more relaxed, less angry and more happy now than I ever have been in my adult life.

Tell us about your book Discipline?
Discipline is about making kinky relationships work. There are lots of great books about the technical aspects of BDSM—rope bondage, how to swing a flogger—but there are relatively few books that focus on the part of BDSM that happens between our ears. The book is intended to help people be able to articulate what they really want and arrive at a shared dynamic that they’re both thrilled about.

What is the state of BDSM writing now? There are so many guides out there!
And some of them are really fantastic! I love Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide To Kink, where each chapter is written by an expert on that topic. Notably, some chapters of the book do delve into the mental aspects of BDSM, which I thought was great. I also love Playing Well With Others, written by Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington. That’s the book I wish I had before I went to my first play party.

Beyond BDSM, what are some of your other favourite topics to write about, sexual or otherwise?
I write a lot about technology. I’m a technophile and find it fascinating.

What can we look forward to seeing on theblackleatherbelt in the future?
I do hope you’ll see a lot of descriptions of uber-hot sex, because that will mean I’m having a lot of uber-hot sex. I’m also tossing around a new book idea, entitled “Making Kinky Relationships Work,” which expands on the work I did in Discipline, which is a little more narrowly focused than a general book on relationship health would be.

Jan 11

The Hook-Up: Stories of a Black Call Girl

Introducing Stories of a Black Call Girl

I met Shelly Ann Black, through a Skye Blue, at the Playground Conference last fall. She spoke on one of the panels I couldn’t make it to, and I was sorry to miss it. When I found out she also is an active blogger, I was intrigued. Upon reading her work, I hooked. 

Not only does Shelly Ann write about her sex work, she also writes about her Bipolar II. As am also Bipolar II, it is nice to find a blog that combines two of my interests. 

Why did you start your blog?
I started Stories of a Black Call Girl because I didn’t many blogs from a black female who is in the sex industry and I got tired of reading blogs from a white privileged female perspective. I want to share my own experience without having someone tell me what it should be.
You note that you use your blog for therapy. How is that working for you?
It has helped a lot, greatly. When I write I get to share my own experience and be my own expert in my own life. Blogging doesn’t replace therapy but it does help me process things that are going on in my life and reflect on them in a very open way.

Do you read other escorts’ blogs? 

I am constantly looking for escort blogs to read. I find myself going back to blogs listed in my blogroll.

What do you hope people will take away from your blog and writing?

I am not really sure. It’s not really my focus when I write in my blog. The feedback I get from my blog actually sometimes intimidates me. There are days I check my blog viewer stats and I am shocked by how many people are finding my blog and spending time reading it. I mostly focus on what I get out of it—sharing my experience and healing myself. There is a lot of stigma with just being open about being a sex worker so maybe I guess I hope people understand that I am just like everyone else.

You’ve been writing about your own bipolar diagnosis. Which do you find harder to write about: bipolar or sex work?

I find them both equally difficult to write about, because I am writing about 2 major things that are always stigmatized and shown in bad light. Since I am newly diagnosed with bipolar, it has been a challenge to sort out my feelings about it and how it has affected me.

Do the two influence each other in anyway?

I don’t think they influence each other at all, Being bipolar has it’s own challenges and it wouldn’t matter if I was working in a bank or a sex worker, I would have to navigate my bipolar symptoms on a daily basis. It just something I have to learn to deal with no matter which job I choose and whatever stresses arise in my life.

Besides potential therapy, what else do you hope to gain from your blog? 

My blog gives me an outlet to be an expert in my own life and validate my experience for being a sex worker and a person with a mental illness.

What can we expect to see on Stories of a Black Call Girl in the future? 

Well, they can expect to see me be frank about what it means for me to be a sex worker and what challenges I face and also any other things about me I want to share.
Jan 03

The Hook-up: La Dame en Rose

Welcome to the first in my new series of Sex Blogger profiles—The Hook-up. People write about sex in many different ways, and I hope to bring many of them to your attention—and potential—adoration. 
Introducing La Dame en Rose
I was drawn to this blog by both the stunning visuals and the charged writing. Because browsers can now instantly translate pages (I’m Canadian, but sadly, I did not keep up with French studies), I am fortunate enough to be able to read these works. And I am glad for it! 

Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog after less than a year following my bachelor’s degree in theatre. I had to somehow nourish my  need to create. Since the cultural scene in Montreal is harsh and the market very small, after a short but decisive depression, I decided to put my career as an actor aside (not completely giving up, but…). When I stared my blog, it all seemed so distant, that sorrow or nostalgia, and I discovered a passion that I had, yes, but never exploited.  
What inspires your erotic writing?
At first, I wanted to write about me, my take on love and life in general… But, I soon realized that erotic literature made me feel good. It made my writing easier, pleasant and original. I wrote, in a much more elaborate way, on how the transition to erotic writing happened and why in this post (in french, but I hope you can have a peek 😉
How long have you been creating erotic art?
I started my blog in July 2010, but really started to qualify it as an erotic blog 2 or 3 months later.
Why do you think it is important to blog about sexual topics?
I can’t say if I think writing about sexual topics is important or not, all I know is that it makes me feel good. My imagination goes naturally there and I guess the mystery and intimacy of those topics fascinate me. Maybe as a way of knowing myself, my deepest desires and fears…  
Have you ever run into any difficulties with your sex blogging?
I never really ran into difficulties writing on sexual topics. On the contrary, my writing became stronger, more confident with it. I discovered my style in a way. Although, at first, I was very shy to say what my blog was about to family and friends ; )  

What are some of your favourite “bawdy anecdotes” to share?
My own : ) The ones with an unexpected twist! I feel that when I write about my own experiences I first get a sense of what that experience meant and also a stronger sense of who I am. 
But, I guess, I like to write about violence in sex… A dark side of my own sexuality that, with my writings, I try to understand or at least fully accept.  
You occasionally venture to other topics, what are some of your favourite non-sex topics to write on?
My favorite non-sex topic is love! Or the duality between love and sex. With the Printemps Érable, I started writing about politics, which was kind of a surprise even to myself!  
I also blog about my visual art

What are you goals for your blog? Your art? Your writing? 
My goals are, I guess, the same for most bloggers, I would like to get some recognition 🙂 But really, I would love to find a way to brand La Dame en Rose as a product, from anything to imagery to clothing and accessories.. But I need first to come up with a real plan! 
Otherwise, some day I wish to be published. 
What can we look forward to seeing on La Dame en Rose in 2013?
For 2013, I’m looking, in fact, to building that plan. Work more on my visual art, dabble into photography and give LDeR a face maybe… And surely, offer more salacious stories 🙂