Make Your First Time in a Sex Shop a Great Experience!

We just might be entering the golden age of sex. People are starting to talk about it more, the idea of sex education is taking root as a need and we’re moving past the idea that sex is purely for procreation and toward a better understanding of the vast and amazing pleasures of sex. Each of these is a grand advance from the darker days when sex was still taboo, or in some respects, illegal. We’ve come a long way, baby!

But we’re not done yet, not by a long shot. There are many other aspects of sex, social, health, economic and cultural that need to be worked on before we truly achieve a great society that values and treasure one of the most simple pleasures our bodies and minds can offer.

One of those things that still needs working on is the stigma that still exists around sex. While there are many different sexual topics being discussed in mainstream society, and sexual commerce is a growing and viable industry, some folks are still having a hard time getting over their own upbringings and social conditioning that said sex should be private. As such, these people are finding it just a little too challenging to bring themselves to visit the many great sex shops around the world!

This is a real shame because the sex toy industry is truly hitting its stride. There are amazing toys for any and everyone, regardless your body type or abilities, your sexual interests, whether you’re single or coupled or more. The current crop of titillating toys available in sex stores is really just the tip of an iceberg that has been created by the incredible energy of sexual global warming.

We who work with sex don’t want you to miss out. We want you—to join in the fun! So, if you’ve been too nervous to take a step through the doors of your local sex retailer, here are a few tips to make that first time possible and also amazing!

Go with a friend
There is always safety in numbers and if your friend has actually be to a sex store before, they’ll be able to help you. And if not, you’ve a n00b in arms to help you through your jitters.

Go on a date
Whether you’re firmly coupled or dating, tripping to a sex shop with your partner can be a fun and silly experience, but also extremely revelatory. You’ll learn a lot about each other! I can’t decide if this would be a great first date or a possible disaster. Proceed with caution on that one.

Be vulnerable
If you’re worried about being in a sex store because you think people will look at you funny or you will get embarrassed by the toys or you you think the staff will be laughing at you—take a  moment to breath. Then, go through the doors, walk up to the counter and tell the friendly person it is your first time. Absolutely nobody in a sex store wants to make you feel bad for being there.

Ask questions
Yes, sex store staff have heard every questions imaginable. And, regardless what yours is, they’ll help you as best possible. Once you become more familiar with products, you’ll be much more comfortable with surroundings.

Have fun!
You’re going to love some of the things you see in sex shops and some will just look ridiculous. Smile, giggle, point at things (not people). Sex is a great experience, why should sex shopping be too!

Hopefully some of these ideas can alleviate any concerns you have about shopping in sex stores. If you have other advice to offer, please share. Good luck!

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