Awesome Sex City featuring Sasha Grey, Cleis Press and Jerome Stuart Nichols!

It was a great pleasure to welcome three amazing guests to my latest Sex City. And I got to talk about three of my favourite subjects: erotica, publishing and lube!

Check out this edition of Sex City when I talked to:

  • Sasha Grey was one of the most beloved porn performers in the world. Since moving on from the world in front of the cameras, she’s embarked on many projects, including her much-lauded erotica series The Juliette Society. She joins us to discuss the recently released second volume The Janus Chamber.
  • Jarred Weisfeld is the president of Start Publishing and Cleis Press. They have recently encountered issues with finding a company to printThe Sex Toy Coloring Book.
  • Jerome Stuart Nichols is well-known for is amazing blog LTASEX. He is now branching out to another realm of sex education by creating The Butters—a fantastic lubricating moisturizer!

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