Sex News! I love it! July 3, 2016

The Seven Deadly Sex Sins: Wrath: Maybe We Should Go To Bed Angry

Sex Stories We Love: Silent Sex, Quite the Mouthful, & Setting Sex Positivity Straight

First Large-Scale Study of Women’s Pleasure Finds 12 Ways to Give An Orgasm

Studying coral’s moonlight sex offers hope for dying reefs

The body as amusement park: a history of masturbation

Stop turning down men under six feet tall, matchmaker says

Study reveals which TV show has the most nudity

What does consent look like when you’re wasted?

Five Scientific Facts You Should Know About Porn

The private reason some bisexuals don’t come out

In Bed With Married Women: How to Make a Woman Come–Even If You Are That Woman. AKA Things I Learned from Science, Sex, and The Ladies

Vintage photographs of dominatrixes

Jacky St. James Blurs the Lines Between Porn and Softcore

Stoya on James Deen and Fixing the Porn Industry

Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech makes its way onto PornHub

Strippers at the Met

New Condom Changes Colors When Exposed to STDs

Ray Kurzweil’s Sex Predictions: Remote Touching, Body Swapping, and More

Bald Men Are More Attractive According To Science

Americans’ Interest in Consensual Non-Monogamy is on the Rise

People Are Mocking ‘Heterosexual Pride Day’ For Good Reason

Men’s Fitness Magazine Has Non-Consensual Dating Tips

Dominatrix Explains How ‘BDSM Can Be A Form Of Meditation’

Is Online Porn Making Us Kinkier IRL?

Behind The Scenes Of Porn’s Virtual Reality Experiment

Infographic: Women’s Reasons For Becoming Sex Workers

Age Gap Relationships – How Much Is Too Much?

Sex Toy Trends: Meet The Touch-Free Clit Suction Sex Toys

Kevin Kelly: We’ll have realistic virtual-reality sex in under five years


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