Sex News! I love it! July 24, 2016

Sex Stories We Love: Never Too Old, Powering On, & Gearing Up

Sex Industry Entrepreneurs on VR Porn, AI Sex Partners and More – CraveOnline » This Bi Life: I Don’t Feel Bi Enough

One frightening live sex show and the state of 360 video

Who Wants Freebies? | Let’s Talk Free Sex Toys, Goody Bags & More

Penis Measuring Contests in History That Got Out of Hand

Watching These People Orgasm Is A Startlingly Intimate Experience (NSFW)

How (And Why) To Tell Your Doctor About Your Kinky Sex Games | YourTango

Why regular sex can help you stay slim and stop you binge-eating  | Daily Mail Online

Sexual Appetite: Love Hormone Produced During Sex Decreases Appetite And Stops Binge Eating

A Peek Inside Berlin’s Queer Club Scene Before Hitler Destroyed It |

Bisexual women don’t want to be your sex ‘unicorn’ | Fusion

Why I Still Don’t Give Blowjobs (Most of the Time) | VICE | United States

The 5 Best Sex Positions for When It’s Hot as Balls Outside | Women’s Health

7 Bizarre and Ridiculous Theories About What’s Supposed to Cause Lesbianism | Alternet

The Only Poly People You’ll Ever Date — Medium

Self-proclaimed ‘sex geeks’

Why Women Like BDSM: An Erotica Writer Explains Why So Many Women Are Into Kink | Glamour

The Bisexual Dilemma: Grief And The Loss Of Gay And Lesbian Privilege

Nutella-filled penis cakes from 626 Night Market are here | Metro News

How to Put the Adventure Back In Your Sex Life | Senior Planet

I was raped three times. I knew all of my attackers. And I never told the police | Toronto Life

Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC | New York Post

Foreplay Ideas | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Why This ‘Orgasm’ Clothing Range Is Making Female Sexual Pleasure A Hot Topic

‘Myths of rape should be dispelled,’ says judge in Mandi Gray case | Toronto Star

Are you promiscuous? Ideal number of partners for men and and women revealed (and they aren’t the same!)

Westworld: How Will HBO’s New Sci-Fi Thriller Depict Future Sex with Robots? | Future of Sex Future of Sex

Drugs Stop Spread of HIV, Even Without Condoms | Sci-Tech Today

Inventor designs sex robot that’s controlled by lusty men’s grunts and groans

Here’s The One Foolproof Thing That Makes You Better At Sex – Maxim

Infographic: Women’s Reasons For Becoming Sex Workers — Sex And Psychology

THE NIGHTSTAND, Dos and Don’ts of Make-Up Sex


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