Sex News! I love it! July 10, 2016

Sex Stories We Love: Time Well Spent, Summer Lovin’, & HeteroHashtagFail


Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In A Class Titled “Polishing the Penis”

How much of your life you spend having sex, thanks to a Reebok study

Erotic Stories For Women Sexual Pleasure, Adult Fiction

Dr. Marty Klein Argues That Moral Panic About Online Porn Is Misplaced

Mandating Condoms In Porn Is Bad for Public Health

Summer dating advice: Don’t turn down oral sex when it is offered

Teen technology use

How to Have Sex in a Tiny Home – Does a Tiny House Change Your Sex Life

LGBTQ acronym an ever-growing shortcut for hugely diverse community

The Best New Sex Podcasts 2016 – Podcasts About Relationships and Sex

I need you’ versus ‘I want you’

LGBT Artists Who Shaped Toronto’s Music History

Why erotic romance novels need more sexually dominant women 

Dear Teenagers: Porn Sex Is Not ‘Real Sex’

Seven Things Science Has Taught Us About Infidelity

Here’s What It Means When Your Romantic and Sexual Orientations Are Different

This Mom Trolled Her Son on PornHub

Bonfire night quiz: Is it a firework – or a sex toy?

‘Sex with celebrities & flying on dragons’: How tech industry re-imagines lucid dreams

PrEP: Here’s everything you need to know

Thumbzilla, a major adult site, has gone secure

Think Bisexual People Have Straight Passing Privilege? Here’s Why You’re Mistaken

Queer Crip Confessional: Activist or Ableist — How My Quest for the ‘Perfect Man’ Excluded Disability

I’m A Slut — And 100% Proud Of It (So Stop Shaming Me Already)

Brock Turner sentence: Why sex offender registries don’t work

5 Ways to Navigate Consent with a Partner Who Has Trouble Setting Boundaries

These Are the Erogenous Zones Nobody’s Talking About

No more fembots, says Ashley Madison’s new CEO

What I’ve Learned About Female Desire From Reading 

7 Toxic Sex Messages I Wish Had Been Debunked Before I Became Sexually Active

Lowering the Bar: Restoring Lost Libido, or Not 

Why Do We Kiss?

Germany just completed a website to instruct you on how to bang their locals. Really. 

Getting Fit Inside The World’s First Naked Gym

Sex robot on TANK TRACKS nicknamed F***zilla which looks like Short Circuit’s Johnny Five is revolutionising porn industry

What Sex Looks Like In 4D Ultrasound

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Pr

We have the wrong idea about males, females and sex

Five Scientific Facts You Should Know About Porn

Insurance won’t pay for women to have pleasurable sex

THIS Is the Secret to Having Multiple Orgasms


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