Sex Stories We Love: #AdultSexEdMonth—40+ and Frisky, No Butts About It, & STI 411

June has become a very exciting time for people who love exploring sex, taking about sex, considering sex in new ways and teaching about sex. A few years back, the initiative #AdultSexEdMonth was started by the incomparable Bobbie Morgan to explore the ways we can take sex and sex education for adults further. Unfortunately, we lost Bobbie last autumn, but a number of sex bloggers, including Kinkly Cara Sutra, want her legacy to live on in this important endeavour. So bring it on!

June’s selections in Sex Stories We Love will be collections of writings, articles and posts that encompass the ideals of #AdultSexEdMonth. Bobbie and I shared this column for over year and I can’t think of a better way to remember her.

Check out this month’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly including stories on Some Folks Learn…Some Folks Don’t, 40+ Frisky, No Butts About It, STI 411, Kink Doesn’t Bite, Favourited/Liked/Shared, and And Finally…


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