Sex News! I love it! June 26, 2016

Sex Stories We Love: Daddy Does Best, Moving Past the Past, & Accessible Action


Teens Are Being Influenced by Porn, but They Don’t Want to Be | Broadly

5 Reasons Why Female Condoms Rock My World 

Men Tend To Find Women Less Attractive If They’re More Intelligent Than Them 

Rupert Everett warns of dangers of child gender reassignment operations 

The Forgotten Fetishwear Company of 1920s Paris 

Condom-free male birth control just passed another trial, and could be on sale within 2 years

Botox As A Penis Enlargement Treatment? Doctors Have Studied It 

Ever Wonder How Long the ‘Average’ Man Lasts In Bed? Here’s the Answer!

Daniel Berger: The Science behind Women’s Sexual Desire 

The Connection Between Gut Health And Sexual Arousal

Charlie Sheen’s LELO Condoms Get the Shaft From Sex Workers, Feminist Bloggers 

Is Noisy Sex the Best Sex? Not Always | Celebration of Silent Sex

Susan Sarandon Says Sex Is The Secret To Staying Young

The curious case of Gor and BDSM 

Why Your ‘Signature Move’ Doesn’t Work for all Women

10 Ways To Make Blowjobs More Fun For EVERYONE (Yes, Really) 

The 5 most ridiculous myths about anal sex

Sex Anxieties Amongst Men And Women

No Sleep? No Sex—And a Lot More Fighting

Toronto Police Apology for Bathhouse Raids is Too Little, Too Late

How the Internet Keeps Pushing Porn’s Social Progress Forward 

Couples who divvy up household chores have best sex lives, study finds 

Dealing With A Crush When You’re In A Relationship 

Michelle Marks is dead, Brock Turner is a rapist, & men are still blaming literally every single… 

Why Write Erotic Fiction? 

Artist arrested for getting strangers to stroke her genitals 

You Weren’t Born This Way

Switzerland to open Europe’s very first ‘fellatio cafe’ 

Sex-Positive Does Not Mean Anything Goes


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