Sex News! I love it! June 19, 2016

These are the victims of the Orlando night club shooting

Sex Stories We Love: #AdultSexEducation in the Stanford Sexual Assault Case

The Top 5 Sex Apps for Smart Phones

Virtual Sex: Is It Real Sex?

confessions of a demisexual

When A Condom Fails: LELO HEX

Here Are All The People Applauding The Orlando Gay Club Shooter

Oregon resident allowed to change sex from female to nonbinary | Oklahoma City – OKC –

Do Different Consumption Methods Impact Your Sexual Performance?

Kinky Sex Positions for Dominant Women – With Pictures!

The Key to Lasting Longer in Bed: Five Tips For Him

The Science Behind The Profound Power Of Holding Hands

Go forth and multiply: UK research suggests math could boost your sex life — even into your 80s

Owen Jones of the Guardian Walks Out of Segment on Orlando Shooting

Orgy and wife-swapping festival to attract 700 swingers to sleepy rural community

Nudity and naturism is ‘best way to teach sex education’ to children

Judge in Controversial Brock Turner Case Removed From New Sex Assault Case – NBC News

The Addictive Orgasm Apps Changing Sex Ed

Why don’t men have good sex toys?

What It’s Like to Work at Victoria’s Secret

Ashley Judd: We Can’t Ignore Refugees’ Sexual Health

Up Close and Personal, with Dayv and Rose Caraway

5 Ways To Snag A Unicorn For Your Threesome | Luna Matatas

What Sex Was Like in Medieval Times

President Obama just said we shouldn’t shame women for having sex

‘My favourite thing is to be hogtied’: The growing trend of stressed workers who are using BONDAGE to relax

What it’s like … for a father to teach his daughters about sexual health

The Sexiest, Most Seductive Movies Ever Made

Pornhub launches explicit audio for the visually impaired

Our Queer Children’s Heroes

Male Strip Club Employees Tell Us Their Craziest Bachelorette Party Stories

How bellhops and newsboys turned tricks in old Toronto

Why Do We Have Sex? Let’s Count The Reasons — Sex And Psychology

Where Your Dude Likes to Cum and What it Says About Him

No, People Who Have Rape Fantasies Aren’t Twisted Or Damaged


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