Sex News! I love it! March 13, 2016

5 Common Questions About Vaginas And Vaginal Sex

The Sounds Women Should Make During Sex

Nancy Reagan Turned Down Rock Hudson’s Plea For Help Nine Weeks Before He Died

Is Maestra the next Fifty Shades, or the feminist riposte to EL James?

Watch Nikki Glaser’s NSFW Masterpiece, “Comedians Sitting on Vibrators Getting Coffee”

Here’s What Kind Of Porn Canadians Are Searching For

Canadian porn producers face an increasingly competitive marketplace

Teen Pregnancies Are Falling, But No Thanks To Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Last Men Standing

Spa Castle Apparently Has A Serious Underwater Sex Problem

20 Things You Should Never Say To A Male Sexual Assault Survivor

Judith Glover Talks Sex and Design

12 Types Of Sex Everyone Will Have At Least Once

Your Kinks Aren’t Nearly As Weird As You Think

Women in the porn industry need rights and proper pay, not token gestures

The List

Are any of us truly comfortable with sex?

Nipple charts and rubber faces: Robert Benson captures a Californian sex doll factory

Ontario broadens access to gender-confirming surgery

NYC’s ‘sex spa’ is grossing people out

Polygamous U.S. towns discriminated against non-believers, jury finds

Federal Court: No Constitutional Right to Engage in Consensual BDSM

Romancing the stoned: My week of sex while high on every marijuana product imaginable

“Brain Orgasm Science by Tait Howard”

Iqaluit filmmaker tells lesbian love story

How to Write Ménage Erotica, by Victoria Blisse

Know Your Magic Wand: The Real Danger of Fake Vibrators

Kim Kardashian Wrote An Inspiring Post About Slut-Shaming

Transgender and Black, Searching for an Audience

Second Wachowski Sibling Comes Out as Transgender

The Science of Turning Her On

Syrian refugees in Canada got housed in same hotel as VancouFur furry convention and the children loved it

Reddit Users Were Asked To Sum Up Their First Sexual Experience With A GIF. The Responses Were Magnificent (SFW)

5 Surprising Uses for Condoms in and out of the Bedroom

U.S. District Court in Va. Rules No Constitutional Right to Do BDSM

10 Ways Sex Toys Can Help Increase Relationship Intimacy

Kim Kardashian pens an essay in response to the selfie scandal

Be Brutally Polyamorous

New dating show Undressed sees singletons get naked and climb into bed on the first date

Many ‘abnormal’ sexual tastes are neither rare nor unusual, study finds

Inside the Secret Facebook Groups Where People Exchange Sex For Services

James Deen’s Production Company Faces Nearly $80K Fine

The Long, Hard Work of Running the Only Academic Journal on Porn

I Had Sex Every Morning For A Week, And Here’s What Happened

These bloggers are paid to test sex toys, but it’s not as easy as it looks

Hey, Neil deGrasse Tyson, These Animals Have Sex That Hurts

5 Sex/Relationship Myths Therapists Should Stop Believing


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