Sex News! I love it! February 28, 2016

Creating a conversation on ‘ethical sexuality’

HPV Sharply Reduced in Teenage Girls Following Vaccine, Study Says

Robot Jury Picks Winners in International Beauty Contest

Do We Actually Know What We Desire In A Romantic Partner?

Women With The Balls To Own A Sexy Business

Why Men Send Pics of Their Junk

A solosexual’s guide to “me-time”: “A masturbation session should ideally last a minimum of 3 hours or I won’t even bother”

Penthouse to Become Trusted Source for ‘Men’s Great Lifestyle,’ Holland Says

‘Sugar Babies’ and ‘Sugar Daddies’ an uncomfortable arrangement: Teitel

#FreeKesha: 6 Things To Know About Her Legal Battle Against Dr. Luke And Sony

No, Straight People Can’t Be Queer

How Do British Women Orgasm? – Cam4 International Female Orgasm Survey

31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years

Awkward Love: Toronto filmmaker explores dating, intimacy on the autism spectrum

Say Goodbye to the Mod: Patent Suit Ends Production of Open-Source Dildo

10 Amazingly Written Sex Scenes In Modern Day Novels

How To Confront Femme Competition Within Polyamorous Relationships

How feeling good about your lover might be bad for your sexual health

Kissability Report Proves Canadians Know How To Pucker Up

The Surprisingly Sexy World of Tumblr Porn

5 Sex-Positive Feminist Artists To Know

A Composer and His Wife: Creativity Through Kink

These Bisexuals Explain The Big Differences Between Sex With Men Vs. Women

Lube Love

Video: The Science Behind Long-Term Relationship Happiness

Buying Your First Sex Toy


Teens Say More LGBTQ+ Sex Ed Would be Really Helpful

America’s Favorite Sex Position — REVEALED!

I Was Sexually Harassed At Work, And I Think Women In The Music Industry Need To Support Kesha

The schoolboy, 16, who will LIVE with a Russian porn star in a hotel for a month after winning a bizarre online competition

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Scissoring

How Reviewing Sex Toys Made Me Better in Bed

Squirting, Gushing, and Ejaculating: Dr. Vixenne Brings the Facts to Stockroom U.

About Hitler’s “Micropenis” and Proliferating Homophobic Ideas

Ladies, Your Sex Life Is Your Business

This Is How Many More Women Are Giving Head Than Guys

A Day Without Porn: or, a very long article by Lynsey G.

What Happened to the Crowdfunded Sex Toy Revolution?

Consent In Porn: It Takes A Village To Keep Performers Safe

Wax Play for “Next Level” Folks (VIDEO)

Bringing PrEP back to Canada from the US is illegal. Sort of

Raw Photo Series Asks People To Take Off Their Clothes And Discuss Self-Love

Sex tech is entering virtual reality in China

How Male Rape Survivors Are Finding Help Online

Why I Believe Every Man Should Experience Being Penetrated

Is my gym a bathhouse? (Part 1)

The Secret To Good Sex In A Long-Term Relationship

Why Dominant Women In The Streets Are Often Submissive In The Sheets

Ghosts in Our Shells: What Anime Can Teach Us about the Future of Sex

3 of the Most F*cked Up Ways the Feds are Controlling Sex Work

I Took a Sex-Positive Women’s Workshop to Unleash My Inner Goddess

How to Arrange a Three-way With Your Husband


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