Sex News! I love it! February 14, 2016

Kayla had a new job and life — until a cop exposed her sex worker past

6 Benefits Of Anal Sex

Things I’ve Learned During My First Year Pro-Subbing

Photos from Behind the Scenes of the Oscars of Porn

The Danger of the Orgasmic Imperative

Sex Research Roundup: Pornography, Consensual Nonmonogamy, & Aphrodisiacs

Couples Use the Most Boring Apps to Keep Their Sex Lives Alive

25 Old Comics Without Context That Are Beyond Disturbing


Price of Intimacy: The Time I Hired a Sex Worker

Can you be a feminist and like rough sex?

Fertility Tracking Apps for Women

How Bathhouses are Rebranding and Becoming Cool Again

Why Women Watch “Fauxcest” Porn

Eight Fascinating Ways People of the Past Have Used Marijuana to Enhance Sex

Polyamory By the Numbers

Should The FDA Require Animal Testing For Your Lube?

Four Common Types Of BDSM Play

Kiss & Tell: 5 Sex Writers to Follow

This is how they teach sex education in Norway’s national TV

Retrofuturist Sex: How the Past Thought We’d Be Loving in the Future

Adult film company launching in Winnipeg

Michigan Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Oral and Anal Sex — Violators Will Face 15 Years in Prison

Sex Every Day at 60

Amorous couple’s ride on the High Roller ends with felony arrest

Dirty Talk Tips: “Using Your Words” in role-play

The Secret Lives of Erotica Writers

A surprising number of straight men enjoy using sex toys to masturbate

Condom makers step up to help with Zika effort

The case for starting sex education in kindergarten

Convincing Your Partner To Try New Things In Bed

5 Videos on the Science of Love

The case for good-enough sex

How to find subspace together this Valentine’s Day

Group Session: Can a Gang Bang Be Therapeutic?

Katrina Pacey honoured for sex worker rights activism

How Does Porn Affect Your Relationship?

These savvy women are redefining the sex shop, and business is taking off.

The One Thing That (Sadly) Most Women Agree Makes A Man Undateable


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