Sex News! I love it! January 24, 2016

Evidence Mounts: More Porn, LESS Sexual Assault

Why doctors need to pay more attention to their kinky patients

Confessions of Workplace Masturbators

Penthouse to shutter print magazine, go all digital

A Long-Lost Artist of the 1950s Sexual Underground

Alternatives to Mainstream Porn Can Be Really Hot

The Machines Are Alright: NYU Bioethicist Defends Therapeutic Use of Sex Robots

An Exhibition About Erotic Desire Suffers from Being Overly Sexy

9 “Embarrassing” Sex Moments That Are Actually Totally Normal

Why Do So Many Women Watch Gay Male Porn?

A Ridiculous Number Of People Are Having Sex At The Gym

First, Best, Worst, Forbidden, and Regretted: Kisses and Kissing

The all-female led mag challenging porn’s boys’ club

8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

7 Reasons To Integrate Anal Stimulation Into Your Sex Life

Millennial Swinger Mentality

Sex and disability: What you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

The Sex Circuit

It’s Time for Canada to Get Serious About Revenge Porn

Get That Life: How I Became the Curator at the Museum of Sex


Are Vaginal Orgasms a Myth? I Tried Really Hard to Have One, and Here’s What Happened

I’ve seen enough genitals to know we are all truly unique

Why Big Penises Are Not Necessarily God’s Gift To Women

Sunny Leone wows web over grilling about porn past

Here’s What Happened When These Gay Men Touched A Vagina For The First Time

Lending a Helping Hand: How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

7 Myths About Women and Masturbation It’s Time to Unlearn Right Now

A Sex Educator Explains What She Actually Does—And How to Learn More About Sexuality

When Your Partner Wants Non-Monogamy and You Don’t

14 Things We Wish Someone Had Actually Told Us About Sex

Consent makes you better at sex

Porn’s dirtiest secret: What everyone gets paid

Getting Our Rocks Off: The Best Songs About Female Masturbation

2016’s Hottest New Sex Position Is the Eiffel 69 

Avoiding accusations of content theft from bloggers

There Really Isn’t Any Bad News for People Who Like to Masturbate

I’ve Tried Pegging With My Male Sex Partners, And This Is Exactly What It Looked And Felt Like

killer mike calls for men in the music industry to stand up to sexual assault

Selling Intimacy Online

Watch People Reveal Their Sexual Fantasies & Break Down The Stigma Against Sexuality In The Process — VIDEO

Absolute submission vs safe, sane & sensible BDSM

Pornhub and Christy Mack Launch Anti-Domestic Violence Clothing Line

Understanding the psychology of threesomes


You Can Now Take A College-Level Course in Sex Toy Design

Why Some Asexuals Masturbate (And A Few Other Things They Want You To Know)


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