Sex News! I love it! January 10, 2016

5 Crazy Ideas About Female Sexual Desire in History

Here’s The Exact Time Of Day To Have The Most Mind-Blowing Sex

21 People Confess The Problems With Having Too Much Sex

Melbourne’s RMIT University runs design course on how to make sex toys

A look back at 2015’s top sex science, TV, film, tech, news, and more

A Man with a Bionic Penis Is About to Lose His Virginity to an Award-Winning Dominatrix

Here’s What Happens When These Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time

There’s Now a Dating Website Where White People Can Meet White People

Rape Is Not A Death Sentence

Bill Cosby: Rape culture journalism

With Sex Workers Too, Rape Is Still Rape

18 Things You Should Never Put In Your Vagina

Seven slutty places in Toronto

Sex work apps are about more than advertising – they can keep workers safe

What A Sex Worker Can Teach You About Working For Yourself

The Pleasure In Withholding Orgasm

2015: A VR Porn Snapshot

The 30 most important sex scenes in movie history

Knocking at Your Back Door: An Intro to Anal Pleasure for Straight Men

Are Bisexuals Shut Out of the LGBT Club?

The Best Sex Books of 2015

Enthusiasm For Sex Isn’t The Same Thing As Sex-Positivity

New Year, New Start To Your Sex Life

Top 100 Sex Blogs Redux

This Is What Happens When You Go to a Live Porn Shoot at a Toronto Club

‘Nerdlesque’ combines burlesque with geek culture

How To Spot A Spiritual Sexual Predator

7 Sex Positions That Incorporate Your Hands

Porn For Women Retrospective 2015

How to not sound cheesy during roleplay and dirty talk

How to Have the Gentle Sex Your Doctor Ordered

Hot Robots Won’t End Sex

Behind the headlines

My Wedding Night Was Interrupted by a Coke-Fuelled Orgy in my Apartment

If I Had a Big Dick I’d Be OK

Giantess Porn Is Getting Bigger… And Bigger


The abrupt end of Danny Wylde’s porn career: Love, addiction and the decline of adult film

How I Went From Being His Stripper To Being His Wife

The Next Sexual Revolution Won’t Come in a Pill

Behind the Scenes of Tori Black’s Virtual Reality Porn Debut

Cartoon Network defends decision to censor same-sex romance in Steven Universe


Cologne convenes crisis meeting about ‘new dimension’ of organized crime after mass sex attack

Massage Therapist Accused Of Jerking Off On The Job Blames Smelly Client For One-Handed Rubdown

The British Are Coming: Meet the UK Lads Who Take Sex-Tourism Trips to Small-Town America Overhauls Policies After Deen Abuse Claims

Spanking: How a sexual fetish went mainstream 

The Psychology of Stress, Orgasm, and Creativity

Our Bodies, Our Sex Toys: 6 Accessible Sex Toys

Taking the word “foreplay” out of my vocabulary

One Mom’s Hilariously Honest Take On ‘Parent Sex’

Pornhub’s 2015 Year in Review


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