Sex News! I love it! December 20, 2015

5 Ways To Earn Money In The Adult Industry Without Having Sex

Sex Work Classifieds Site Backpage Wins Small Victory in Appeals Court

The 16 Most Awkward Sex Confessions Of 2015


Sex, love and robots: is this the end of intimacy?

Life as a sex worker for people with disabilities

A Brief History of Vagina Worship

10 Sex Issues Couples Complain About In Marital Counseling

The Game: Living Hell in hotel chains

Against the Odds: New Research Shows How Trans Sex Workers Overcome Pervasive Discrimination and Violence

surreal scenes of las vegas strip club culture

This Is What It Is Really Like to Attend an Orgy For Toronto’s ‘Sexual Elite’

10 Erotic Resolutions for 2016

Here’s Why Women Lie About the Number of Men They’ve Slept With

We Asked Some Brave Men How They REALLY Feel About Their Penis Size

Popping His Cherry: The Women Who Have Sex with Male Virgins

How To Find Ethical Porn

Seedy, Stunning NSFW Photos from 1970s Paris Strip Clubs

13 Things All Long-Term Couples Should Do In Bed

The Rise Of ‘Sex Menus’: Cataloguing Your Kinks

Polyamory Isn’t All About F*cking: The Art of Multiple Loves.

What Are Sleep Orgasms, and How Can I Have One?

The Sex I Wanted and the Sex I Deserved: The Illusion of Spontaneity as a Queer Cripple


Give The Gift Of Orgasm This Holiday Season

Bright Desire Creates Copyright-Free ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Scene

6 Ways Sex Changes After Extreme Weight Loss

Sex & Housework: Will Your Partner Do One for the Other?

Ehsan Abdulaziz: Saudi millionaire who said he ‘accidentally tripped and penetrated’ teenage girl cleared of rape


Meet the Vasectomists

How to sell your erotic books at trade fairs and events

Size Advantage: How Kelly Shibari Became the First Plus-size Penthouse Model

Something strange is going on with straight women

How to Talk About Consent Like a Porn Star

Christianity and kink have a lot in common

4 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Sex Positivity into Your Parenting

Has Becoming a Sex Educator Ruined my Sex Life?

Crying after sex: Men and women do it and there’s nothing to be ashamed of

Consent, Control, Compassion, and Why I am Fucking Tired of Explaining Why ‘Race Play’ is Different From Racism.


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