Sex City and CIUT Fall Membership Drive—November 10, 2015!

Sex City and CIUT Fall Membership Drive—November 10, 2015!

Listen in to Sex City on Tuesday November 10 between 11pm-midnight as the whole crew of Dorianne Emmerton, Louise Bak, Sophie Delancey, Jon Pressick, Cordelia Huxtable and our awesome techs Oren and Brett celebrate our station CIUT 89.5FM and The Sound of Your City Campaign!

Twice a year CIUT hosts a membership drive to raise funds for the many different initiatives the station embarks on to bring the diverse world to your ears through community radio. We are honoured that we get to talk to you, every week, about the many different ways sex, sexuality and gender influence our communities across the world.

**If you make a donation of $50 or more and are in or can get to the Toronto area, you can cohost an edition of Sex City with me! Drop me a line for details!**

Please join us for a special show on November 10, with amazing guests, prizes and lots of fun. And we hope you’ll support CIUT by becoming a member with an advance donation (at the website) or you can call in the night of to 1-888-204-8976.

Over the next few days we’ll share what our amazing prizes are and who our special guests will be!

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to bring conversations about sex to the public airwaves!…

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