Sex News! I love it! September 20, 2015

Pinterest Is Actually A Porn Director’s Best Friend

When you or your partner are most likely to cheat

Is Smart the New Sexy?

How to Have Sex When One of You is Significantly Taller than the Other

Smut Tax: Alabama Proposing 40 Percent Tax On Porn

What’s the Best Natural Sexual Lubricant? You Might Be Surprised

Ask Stoya: Why’s there so much incest porn?

What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?

Don’t Have Sex With Robots, Say Ethicists


Researchers Are Making 3D-Printed Penises to Test What Women Think About Size

Why There’s No Reason To Feel Weird About Bodily Fluids & Sex

University’s ban on pornography enables more freedoms than it takes away

Subtle Ways to Let Him Know That Your Snatch Can Take a Real Pounding

Anal Gaping For The Masses

The Straight Men Who Have Sex with Trans Women

When Men *Want* to Be Cheated On: A Look Inside the Cuckolding Fetish

The Perfect Penis: Is Girth More Important than Length?


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