Sex News! I love it! August 23, 2015

40 Fine-Art Nude Photos that Celebrate All Shapes and Sizes (NSFW)

The #1 Characteristic Both Partners Find Irresistible About Sex

5 talks full of weird facts about sex

The 6 Most Common Secret Sexual Fantasies—And What They Mean

Why do men take dick pics?

Watch This Spanish Hunk Put on Condom | The Video We Wish We Saw in Sex Ed Class | NSFW

Amid Rape Trial, Students Downplay Elite Prep School’s Hookup Culture

Study Shows Way More People Are Sexually Fluid Than You Might Think

7 Non-Threatening Tips for Communicating with Your Spouse About Sex

Your Sex Is Not Radical

Sexcation Your Way To A Better Sex Life

Men pay me to make them feel like scum

Getting It On With Soft-Core Porn: The Trials of Teen Sex in a Country Totally Bizarre About Sexuality

The 6 Most Overrated Sex Positions

Will more sleep increase my sex drive?

The Hard Lesson I Learned About Stripping

‘Female viagra’ gets FDA approval despite severe side effects

What You Need To Know If You’re In A Sexless Marriage

The Hardest Thing To Find On Ashley Madison: Women

‘I went from being a banker to making 40 pornos a month’

Not straight, not gay: just thinking outside the box

HOT DAMN: 12 Sex Positions Women Seriously Can’t Get Enough Of

Fetishists Have Been Seriously Pissing Off Their Welsh Neighbours

These are the Muppet personals found on Ashley Madison

My Neighbor Caught Me Kneading The Love Muffin

How I Found My Sexual Voice With The Help Of A Professional

Bridging the Gap Between Sex Toy Manufacturers, Bloggers


About Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison Account

The Women! They’re Using Gadgets and Having Sex!

Hands off, buddy: A guide to proper etiquette at the strip club

The history of sex toys – and what the future may hold

Study: It’s Not the Condom, It’s Your Dick


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