Exclusive Erotica: “The Contender”

The Contender

It is worth it. All of it. The sweat, the pain. The aches, the tears. Every one of us training, every one of us dreaming. Every one of us suffering for the same goal—to be champ.

She inspires me, she pushes me to do better. An Olympic medalist, the most dominant female MMA champion. I look at her body and see perfection. That same body must have worked through all the same hardships I do—bruises, scrapes, muscle pulls. And that’s just what I do to myself. My opponents in the octagon can do so much more.

But they don’t because I don’t let them.

Our gym has a thriving mixed martial arts scene, with men and women training throughout the week. I know because I am here every damn day. I push myself to be the best and everybody knows it. Dave, the head coach and a former fighter in his own right, has taken me under his wing. He sees it in me. He thinks I can get there, get to the show and challenge her. He tells me my time is coming.

But for today, he tells me to call it quits. Cardio, weights and sparring. And then a second round of each. More often than not, he tells me to leave and turns out the gym lights before I even make a move to the locker room.

“Another excellent day, Monster.”

I hate that nickname, but I understand why I have it. I am undefeated. Like her. I hurt women. Like her. Everybody else at the gym—including the guys—is afraid to fight me. Like her.

“You look like you could use a massage,” he offers. “Trainer’s room in 10.”

Grudgingly, I make my way to my locker and strip down for a shower. I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m at the gym and grappling. Turning, I see my body in the mirror and marvel at the change. Two years ago I didn’t have lean, hard muscle under my delicate curves. I’ll never be mistaken for a bodybuilder, but I am still frequently thought of as…nothing. But I am something. And I prove it in on the mat.

The water splashes over my skin, rinsing away the work of the day. Despite the warm water, I still get goosebumps when I picture myself holding the belt. Running my hands over my body I feel them, raised and tender. If I were at home, I’d be excited in a different way…but Dave is waiting to properly cool me down.

The relationship between a coach and elite athlete is so intimate that I do not fear walking through the empty gym in just a towel. Everybody else is gone for the night and I can see Dave through the open door. Walking in, I drop the towel and flop, face down, on the table. Sometimes he still laughs at my brazen, carefree attitude around him.

Before I close my eyes and let him take me away, I notice he’s got a new poster of her on the wall. To inspire me?

“We’re going to try something a little different tonight,” he explains, rather matter-of-factly. “I learned about this last night.”

The vibrator’s sound is unmistakable. My eyes bolt open and I see Dave standing there with a Magic Wand.

“Oh, you know these? I didn’t! Another coach told me about them” He looked as innocent as the words sounded.

“Dave,” I explained, “I’m a single woman, of course I know what a Magic Wand is.”

He blushed.

“But I’ve never used it for a body massage…so go ahead.”

He kept grinning while I resumed my position. He rubbed some massage oil on my back that felt fantastic. When the vibrator hit my skin, I melted into bliss. Of course I know this toy…I’ve got one at home. But I’ve never used it on my muscles. Other places? All the time.

As Dave massaged my battle-worn body into a state of bliss, my eyes would gently slip open from time to time. And there she was, each time. Her trademark black gear and toned body. Her blonde hair and fierce eyes. I couldn’t help but fall into those intense eyes. I wanted to capture her fighting spirit…and as Dave’s massage moved down my back and across my ass, I wanted to capture her lips. Her tongue. Her nipples.

My fantasy leaves the training room wall and finds us in the octagon. Just the two of us. We move close and I fear she’ll take me down even though I want her to take me down. She raises a hand and I brace for a right cross. Instead, she caresses my cheek and pulls me in for a kiss.

Instinctively, I part my legs on the table. Dave takes this cue to innocently work my inner calves and thighs. He puts his hand on my lower back and she does the same in my thoughts. With the other she grasps my braided hair. The first now slips from my back down to my ass and then around to my belly. Our sweat mingles as she pulls me closer. The heat from her sparring session lives on her body and now warms me. Her hand, still in glove, glides over my hard abs and moves lower making me gasp.

I don’t know if Dave understands what is happening, so I shift my body. Each time he brings the Magic Wand close to my vulva, I push my pussy into it. When it connects, I groan. He quickly pulls the massager away thinking he’s down something wrong. On the third try to get him to notice my need—just as her fantasy fingers find my wetness, I reach back and grasp his wrist, holding him in place. He understands when I moan loud and deep; this time I settle in and Dave holds the Magic Wand in place between my legs.

In my mind she’s touching me hard and rough—just as I would want her to. We may be fucking right now, but someday we will fight and I don’t want any feelings getting in the way. This is raw sex. She scoops cum out of my cunt and rubs my hard clit with sensual strength. I see it in her flexing arm. I also see it in her steely eyes. The same determination to win the title is going to make me come.

I barely register Dave’s presence anymore, but the Magic Wand is my world. I grind against it, against her fingers. My cunt aches for the rush of winning. As my orgasm builds, as she holds me and brings me to the edge, I stare again at the poster. Until I can’t look anymore. Until my body takes over and I explode all over her hand, all over the table, all over the vibrator. My gasps and cries of pleasure fill the octagon and the training room.

I look her in the eyes and see a satisfied grin. “I’ll get you next time,” I whisper.

Dave removes the toy from between my legs and steps back. I turn to look at him with a reassuring smile.

“Relaxed now, Monster?” he asks.

“I’m down for the count. Thanks coach.”

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