Sex News! I love it! June 7, 2015

Inside The Hungry World Of Feeder Fetishes

I’m queer no matter who I’m with. I won’t define myself differently for your comfort

California porn stars could soon have to wear protection. Eye protection, that is.

Tourism Toronto shuns sex club

How to talk about Caitlyn Jenner: a guide to speaking and writing about transgender people

The Last Old-School Orgy in New York

In the Netherlands, sex ed starts in kindergarten. Watch a class get their charming first lesson.

Here’s the Condom That’ll Revolutionise Your Sex Life

These Are the Revolutionary Condoms Our Sex Lives Have Been Waiting For

Multiple Orgasms for Men? The Fascinating Technique That Might Open Up Whole New Sexual Experience

Reading with one hand

Sex Workers Are Speaking Out About ‘Hot Girls Wanted’

I Grew Up in a Polyamorous Household

Lesbian, Kink, or ‘Female Friendly’: Girls Talk About the Kind of Porn They Watch

7 Reasons Every Healthy Woman Should Masturbate

Sex Education Teacher Takes Young Students To Sex Toy Shop

Dr. Ruth Says Women Can’t Say No To Sex Once Naked In Bed With ‘Aroused’ Partner

Ontario Film Review Board wants to end profiting from screening porn

No desire for porn on the job

Is Sex Addiction a Real Disorder?

Accessible orgy a go for disabled

How To Watch Porn Ethically

The Changing American Sex Scandal

The New ‘My Little Pony’ Inflatable Sex Doll Hit the Shelves

10 Ways to Deal With Painful Sex


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