Trying Out New Sex Positions—And A Contest!

I consider myself very lucky for two particular things: I’ve fairly physically flexible and I’ve got a partner who is pretty damn flexible in both mind and adventurous spirit! Together we’ve tried and come up with some awesome sex positions over the years. But that doesn’t mean we’re stopping any time soon. I’m always looking for new and interesting things to try.

Personally, I’d love to try some positions in a sex swing. Those acts might be some we’ve already done, but we’ve never done them in a sling! I can just imagine the fun we can get up to…

What sex positions would you like to try? If you’re wondering what might be out there to try, check out Durex’s New Sex Positions Guide. There are plenty of great ideas in there!

Do you have a secret sex position desire? Email your sexiest position fantasy to jon at sex in words dot ca for your chance to win an awesome prize pack form Durex that just might set you on the course to a fucking good time. Get your entries in and I will pick a winner on June 1. I will notify that person by return email.

Good luck with the contest and good luck gettin’ laid in a new way!


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