Sex News! I love it! May 24, 2015

‘Girl Sex 101’ Aims To Change The Face Of Queer Sex Education (NSFW)

Religious Hate Group Forgets To Renew Domain Name – Now It Redirects To Hardcore Gay Site

Why I’m Still Doing Porn in My Late 50s [NSFW]


The Sexiest Thing I’ve Ever Heard as a Person With a Disability

Polyamory 101

These Are the New Orgasm Statistics Every Woman Should See

The Results Are In: the 21 Sexiest Hotels in the World

Twitter’s Great Porn Purge of 2015: Porn Stars and XXX Companies Fear the Worst

Columbia student takes rape-protest mattress to graduation while the student she accused of assault is forced to watch as he graduated alongside her

Why We Should Be Watching More Feminist Porn

Cate Blanchett need not be your sexual role model

This Is the Conversation We Need to Be Having About the G-Spot

Having Fun Abroad – A Traveller’s Guide to Prostitution Laws

Inside the Thriving Online Market for Women’s Dirty Underwear

How You Can Improve Your Sex Life In Montreal

A Sex Worker Explains How to Talk to Sex Workers

You Don’t Really Have A “Type”, Study Says, Instead, Your Preferences Change To Match Your Partner’s Traits

Sex Ed That Turns Boys into Men

I’m In An Open Marriage And You Would Never Know It

21 Reasons Hotel Sex Is Better

These Are The Top 6 Places Americans Masturbate

A Trans Woman Learns To Masturbate

Kitty Nguyen the sexy Cosplayer

Sex on the beach: a brief history of Cannes and erotic cinema

Isn’t it Time We Learned The Female Body?

21 Things Everyone With A Clitoris Should Do At Least Once

This woman got pregnant from having anal sex

An Interview with a Man Who Rubs His Penis Against Women on Trains

Seven Fascinating Facts About Sexual Fantasies


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