Sex City—December 9—CONSENT

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal has rocked the media and sexual landscape, bringing to the fore an all-important word and concept that has been pushed to the background for too long: consent.

On TUESDAY DECEMBER 9 at 11PM, a special edition of Sex City will be all about consent and what it means from a legal, kink and personal perspective.

I will be joined by special guest co-host Lisa Bucher for this discussion, and we’re bringing experts and educators together for the conversation

  • Raymond Motee is Sex City’s frequent legal analyst who will outline the legal implications of sexual consent.
  • Matt Scott and Shadow-girl are the co-founders of Ontario Kink, and they will discuss how Ghomesi’s implication of BDSM and consent has impacted that community.
  • Heather Elizabeth and JP Robichaud recently presented “A Conversation on Consent” and they will offer ways to talk about—receiving and giving—consent.

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY DECEMBER 9 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!


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