Sex News! I love it! November 23, 2014

I’m Demisexual — Here’s What That Means

Male escorts

Pegging for the first time

Why Female Nudity Isn’t Obscene, But Is Threatening to a Sexist Status Quo


Man who went to prison as a juvenile sex offender: Lena Dunham is lucky

A pornographer (and atheist) explains why the science guy’s shirt crash-landed

Here’s Why James Deen Is the Bob Dylan of Porn

L.A.’s BDSM Power Couple, and Their Sex Dungeon

Consent Culture: Asking is Sexy

Let’s Not Allow the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal to Give BDSM a Bad Name

The One Sex Act No One Wants To Talk About

The Intimate Moments Between People And Their Sex Dolls

No Longer a Good Girl: Embracing Kink and Rejecting Respectability

Top 55 Most Common Sex Fantasies Revealed – How Common is Yours?

If People of Color Had ‘White Fetishes’

Sex May Explain Why Men Have Superior Navigational Skills

How Common Are BDSM Fantasies? (Infographic)

12 Masturbation Horror Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Female Sexual Pleasure Mattered to the Victorians

The Digital Love Industry

18 Adults Reveal How They Learned About Sex

The 50 Greatest Songs about One-Night Stands

What It’s Like to Date a Horse


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