Workshop: Medical Intensive 2

Medical Intensive 2

Sunday, November 23 at 12:00am – 6:00pm
SubSpace Dungeon Studio, 7 Fraser Ave, Toronto, CA

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$60 in advance ($40 bottoms) or $80 at the door ($60 bottoms)

Medical Aseptic Technique
Play Piercing 1 (Basic Technique)
Play Piercing 2 (Intermediate Technique)
Medical Staples

Medical Aseptic Technique Description:

Kinksters enjoy a wide range of medical play, much of it breaks the skin or is otherwise invasive to the body (such as sounding). This type of play requires a level a cleanliness and attention to detail that can be difficult to learn on one’s own, from a book or on-line.

This class offers in depth and hands on training on how to practice medical aseptic technique – using the best available products and procedures to minimize the spread of infection and disease. You will receive a practical education on the products available, their relative costs, effectiveness and overall worth as well as the things you really want to look out for.

Time will be dedicated to busting the common myths and misconceptions common within BDSM communities, putting to rest many of the persistent rumours. Ample time will be set aside for question and answers at the end.

Play Piercing 1 Description:

The workshop will begin by looking at the supplies that are needed (including the supplies talked about in the Aseptic Techniques class) specific to play piercing – including the costs – so you know what you’re getting into. We will also look at the anatomy of the skin and how much of it we will be sticking a needle in.

In the second part of the class, we will watch Morgan perform a few piercings on a demo bottom, so you can observe proper technique. She will walk you through each step, from how to put on gloves, skin prep, how to hold the needle, how much pressure to use, etc. Class participants will then be able to try out what they have learned with their own bottoms, if they have one, or with the demo bottom if he/she feels comfortable with that participant (please note that this is not a guarantee, both Morgan and the demo bottom must feel comfortable with your participation in this section of the class)

Play Piercing 2 Description:

Once you are competent with the basics of play piercing, we can move on to more advanced techniques. Layering needles as well as weaving in and out of the skin will be taught in this section.

We will also learn the finer points of where and where not to pierce when it comes to nipples and genitals on the vulva, penis and scrotum. A thorough discussion and understanding of the relevant anatomy and underlying structures will be had, so that participants can visualise important tissues and successfully play pierce genitals in all their variations across the gender spectrum.

Sutures Description:

Sutures are often talked about but rarely seen, due to the level of skill required. This workshop will give you a basic knowledge of technique so that you can practice and refine your ability. Like anything, it takes many hours of practice to get it right!

Anatomy of the skin is important to understand so that you can visualize it while performing sutures, so we will expand upon our knowledge of the layers of the skin. We will also learn about the different types of sutures, what we might use them for, sizing, suture needles and tools. Proper tool handling will be taught, so that everyone may get comfortable with handling the instruments needed.

We will be discussing basic techniques that you can use to hide nipples with or simply decorate the body. Each participant will have the chance to attempt to suture on substitute skin.

Surgical Staples Description:

Much easier to use than sutures, they accomplish much the same thing, in both the medical world and in play. The ‘point and click’ of medical play, surgical staples are simple to insert but do require a trick to remove. This simple section of the workshop is for those who want the fun of medical play without the hours of practice involved in perfecting a precise skill set

About Morgan Thorne (Nymphetamean)
Ms Morgan Thorne is both a sex worker and a sex work advocate. She is an outreach worker with The Naked Truth Entertainment, a social networking and advocacy group lead by sex workers. Morgan has been a lifestyle dominant for almost 20 years and a Professional Dominatrix for 5 years. She has amassed a wealth of experience through kinky practice as well as more ‘vanilla’ pursuits. As a former health care worker, she is very knowledgeable regarding safety in BDSM.
Morgan teaches and lectures across North America, presenting workshops and seminars at conferences including Playground Conference, Feminist Porn Conference, CatalystCon East, Sexapalooza, the Alberta Harm Reduction Conference and the Guelph Sexuality Conference.
Morgan pursues new skills and a deeper understanding of D/s daily, participating in many community events throughout Toronto. She gives back to the community through volunteering as a Dungeon Monitor for many events, both public and private. You can find her doing ‘kink outreach’ at the numerous trade shows in Toronto, as well as teaching workshops on many subjects. Morgan is also a fetish film performer and model. She is a writer with Kink E Magazine based in New York City. She participates in a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship with her primary partner and engages in other kink oriented relationships. Identifying as pansexual herself, Morgan is very open to all individuals, of any gender expression and tries to be inclusive of all during her teaching.

Drinks & Snacks to be provided, please bring a lunch as we are on a tight schedule


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