Sex News! I love it! October 5, 2014

California Quietly Adopts Landmark Condom Law To Protect Sex Workers

Porn Star Marcus London’s Fascinating Quest to Be the King of ‘Squirt’

3 Exciting Things We Learned About Sex This Week

On Sex Blogging Ethics, And The BDSM Photo I’ve Been Afraid To Publish

Proof That ‘Sexy’ Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date

Consensual Sex: There’s an App for That

When most porn is packaged for men, is it any wonder women get their sexual kicks from erotica?

Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris

The Anatomical Part Mysteriously Missing from ‘Masters of Sex’

Sexual tension on a pirate ship: I played Japan’s best-selling dating simulator–and loved it

Fetish, My Way

STUDY: Undetectable Guys Do Not Transmit HIV To Negative Sex Partners

Guest Post: An Anal Sex Guide For First Timers by Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss

How Most Women Possess a Secret Desire to Become an Escort


5 Most Bizarre Porn Films the 1970s Had to Offer

25 Cringeworthy Sex Moves That Girls Wish Guys Would Stop Doing

Sex, Lies, and Big Data

What I learned during Sex Ed Road Trip

You’re doing sex ed wrong: How teaching kids about sex is like teaching toddlers to walk

My friend, the phone sex worker


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