Sex News! I love it! October 26, 2014

What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?

I don’t like being raped

Welcome to Oculus XXX: In-Your-Face 3D is the Future of Porn

Male Escorts: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Give Them A Go

Digital Swingers

Oral Sex Redefined: The Art of Sexspeak.

Why I visit prostitutes

Is sex only for rich people?

What I learned from teaching a sex-writing class

Beforeplay: Normalizing the Way We Talk About Sex

Women Who Have Rough Sex: Why It Can Be Liberating

4 Weirdest Things We Learned About Sex This Week

Asexuality, Explained in One Simple Comic

Open Relationships Reduce Jealousy? 12 Surprising Facts About Non-Monogamy

How To Be Better at Bottoming

The online campaign to replace ‘prostitute’ with ‘sex worker’

A Murder in Detroit’s Sexual Underworld

Vaginal Vs. Clitoral Orgasm-Why Is This Even A Debate?

27 Sex Facts You Need in Your Life

Show us what you got: Carleton students start “sex positive” nudie mag

The 5 Most Awkward Sex Education Videos in History

The Fiery Shafts of Love: 20 Piece of Sex Advice from Ancient Greece and Rome

Playboy Pinups From the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s on Meeting the Male Gaze Then — and Now

8 Slutty And Feminist Costumes for Sex-Positive Halloween Lovers

How Many Licks

It’s Sex O’Clock, time for a weekend romp

I Lost Everything to Sex Addiction

7 Horrifying Lessons Learned Directing a Porno

The Dirty Etymology of 9 Everyday Words

Proof That Comprehensive Sex Ed Classes Actually Help Kids Put Off Having Sex

The Internet’s last sexual taboo


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