Personal, Special Offers to Help Sex City

**Please forward widely**

Hi Everyone,

This week, the Sex City crew participated in our station’s semi-annual fundraising campaign The New Sound of Your City. Unfortunately, we fell short of our goals and now I need your help.

I want Sex City to continue and I want to continue bringing you so many amazing guests from the sex community. To do so, I need more pledges to the station ASAP.

So, I am offering things to you. That’s right, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine! If you go and make a donation to CIUT through this link (be sure to tell ’em your favourite show is Sex City) and then email me (jon at sexinwords dot ca)  a screen shot of your completed donation, you can choose of one the following:

$50 pledge will get you a guest hosting spot, with me, on a future episode of Sex City. We’ll pick guests. You’ll interview. It will be super fun!

$25 pledge will get you a spot in my upcoming Prostate Pleasure Workshop as my guest

$25 pledge will get you copies of all of my Choose Your Own Adventure books, print and pdf (or whichever is your preference) INCLUDING the soon to be released New Year’s Eve!

$25 will get you an order of custom pins, up to 50 total! Your design or any of mine.

$25 will get you a custom erotica story (up to 2000 words)

$??? Make an offer of something I can do for you here, on

Let’s work together to make this happen. I am often told how valuable a community resource Sex City is. Please help.


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