Muse Mondays: Ripping Good Tease

Sometimes, the little acts can be so important and so damn sexy.

This is one of my favourite parts of sex. As I am not wealthy, it isn’t a daily experience, but when I can hear that hot, particular tearing, parts of me jump. I was delighted to find this inspiration via a great sex blogger, Seaside Slut Diary.

Ripping Good Tease

I knew it. She likes to surprise me, but I knew it.

She had stopped to call me from a pay phone, despite her cell being in her pocket. Pay phone means new, different, adventure. That call meant to be ready and be willing. I am both.

But when she arrived, I could not immediately sense what she was hinting at. She came in, we chatted. I produced a couple glasses of wine and she told me all about her difficult coworkers. I rubbed her tired, stockinged feet. This was actually part of our routine. While she stretched her toes in my hands, she kept me on mine.

The evening stretched. Dinner was produced and eaten. I settled in to read, while she caught up with some friends online. The only peek of sexual tension I could feel was an almost indiscernible hiking of her skirt. When she walked past me, it seemed a little higher. As she laughed about a silly internet quiz, it seemed a little higher. With each little hike I could see more of her long, sexy legs sheathed in black nylon. But was it on purpose?

I went back to my book, my eyes starting to list on the tepid words. It wasn’t keeping my interest and despite her very subtle tease, my eyelids were more closed than open.

And then I felt her.

That nylon, stretched over strong muscle, was rubbing against my face. My eyes drifted open to see that her skirt was gone now, but her pantyhose were still firmly in place. Just hose, no panties in sight, her soft, red fur held tight under the material.

She slipped her hand below the waistband, stretched her fingers into her hair and teased. Slowly inching further. Small dips into her cunt. Little trails of wetness grew on the nylon as she worked her finger in and out. Eventually she settled into a nice, circular rhythm on her clit.The moan that escaped her lips told me it was more than nice.

The subtle tease must have done much to work her up over the evening because it wasn’t long before her orgasm came and she was using my shoulder as a brace. That material rubbed up against my face again as she pushed her hips toward me though her sensuous tremors.

When her climax calmed, she crawled past my body, onto the couch. No doubt she could feel my hard cock as she slid herself, face down onto the cushions. This was not a pose of rest but rather a demand for more.

I pulled myself back to admire the view in front of me. She has the most delicious add and the nylon frames it just so. I touch her gently and she jumps. I grab her cheeks firmly with both hands and she pushes back into them. Her legs are spread enough to show me how much she wants more.

“Fuck me, fuck me now.”

She needs speak no more. Leaning forward I take a bite out of the pantyhose. Just enough to wiggle my fingers in to the material. My skin briefly connects with her skin and we both start. I pull it away, just a bit to get a good hold. I pull it away and feel the nylon stretch and begin to break. I tug, rough and hear the satisfying rip.

More and more of her flesh is exposed to me with each rip of her tights. More and more but not too much. I want just enough to do as she request. I want just enough room to fuck her. Now.


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