Visiting a Sexological Bodyworker

I love Krissy Eliot’s account of visiting a sexological bodyworker! In this case, it is one of my heroes, Dr. Charlie Glickman, and a topic close to my heart—anal sex.

I recently contributed a chapter about anal sex to a soon-to-be released book called Secrets of the Sex Masters. In it, my editors and I spent a lot of time considering the idea that anal can be painful, and that is likely due to inexperience and ineptness on the part of the person touching your ass.

And this is where sexological bodyworkers can help. Not just with anal sex, but with any and all types of sexual activity and interaction. We have so many experts in this world who are respected for their knowledge and skill. Why are bodyworkers who specialize in sex among that number of repute? They certainly should be and anyone out there who would like to work on their own sex knowledge, skills and abilities should be encourage to learn from masters.


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