Muse Mondays: Blue

Sometimes erotica is all about intensity, sound, action. Other times it is calm, quiet, still. Both instances can evoke a passion in your reader. Both instances can be sexy as hell. Cheeky Minx posts stunning self-portraits, such as this work, that could stir either intense or calm passion.


She lets the light in. Morning has come too soon for us and I’d rather she just come back to bed. But I know she’s been up, about the house and is eager to start the day.

She lets the light in as she peeks through the blinds. It bends and curves around her bends and curves creating angles of intensity where I have already known passion.

She lets the light in and it highlights her sky blue tank top and frilly blue undies. I don’t think she knows I’m awake. I do think she knows that I could look at her all day.

She lets the light in and I reach over, caress her let with the slightest touch. She turns back to me, fingers still parting the covering. Her hair is illuminated in this morning glow.

She lets the light in and it falls on my as I move behind her, slipping my fingers into the elastic of her panties. The stretch just enough to welcome me.

She lets the light in, though now that light flickers. Her attention is no longer on looking outside. Her focus as shifted. Enough still streams in to make our movements a blur and haze.

She lets the light in and now she lets my fingers in. She brought dawn to our bedroom, a new day touched by the kiss of warmth.

She lets the light in and it highlights her face. Her teeth glow as her lips part in the gasp of orgasm.


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