Is Spanking Inherently Sexual?

WOW! This excellent piece by Jillian Keenan on the sexual nature of spanking has blown my mind. I found it and bookmarked it to read this morning and now my day is going to be filled with this incredible debate:

Is there a difference between spanking of a sexual manner and the act parents do to children?

My spanking background: I was not spanked as a child (I don’t think) and I did not ever spank my children (just not my belief system). I do include spanking in my sexual play, both giving and receiving. In that play, it is not a “punishment”, it is merely a physical act that feels good.

So, quite honestly, I have never considered this argument that Keenan puts forth. I have ruminated on whether or not certain acts are sexual, acts such as spanking, rope bondage—fun that does not involve “traditional” sexual zones. But now, after reading this work, I am turning over this idea that spanking is, necessarily, a sexual act being non-consensually forced on children in a power play gone very wrong.

What do you think? What are your views on spanking?


2 Comments on “Is Spanking Inherently Sexual?”

  1. I grew up getting spankings. It was the consequence for doing something I shouldn’t have. It was punishment. And in My mind it still is. Being spanked by a sexual partner doesn’t appeal to me I think because the way I was raised. Being spanked stimulates my ass but causes a strange emotional/mental situation in me so I like to opt out.
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with spanking a consenting adult if partners have communicated on the subject.

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