Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

I haven’t kept up with the community as much as in years past, but I always felt comfortable and at home in my bi community.

For some background on Celebrate Bisexuality Day, check out this wiki. For some silly fun, check out #bisexualfacts on Twitter. And if you like to follow celebrity bi folk, check them out here.

ANNNND…if you’re inclined, check out some articles I wrote for Bisexual.com, back when I was Feature Articles Editor.

Unstoppable and Always Learning: Robyn Ochs

Pass the Popcorn and the Pleasure: Bisexual Pornographic Films

Bisexual Families

Hell Yes, You Do Exist! Biphobia in the World

Bisexual.com’s Interview with Angie Bowie

Brokeback Mountain: The Sorta Gay Cowboy Movie

We Know You’re Out there Somewhere!: A Handy Guide to Dating in the Bi World

A Tribute To Our Friend, Dr. Fritz Klein

Like Herding Cats? – Bisexual Activism in Canada



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