Calling All Superheroes – Kinkly is Looking for 2014’s Top Sex Bloggers

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Kinkly, the amazing sex community site I contribute Sex Stories We Love and other articles to, is looking for the 2014’s Top Sex Bloggers! You can go to their list of Top Sex Bloggers and vote for your favourites! There are so many excellent sex bloggers out there—you can even learn about a number of the listed bloggers in my sex blogger feature series The Hook-up. And…if you’re so inclined…I’d really love a vote for this little space, Sex in Words. All of the details are below!

Calling All Superheroes – We’re Looking for 2014’s Top Sex Bloggers

Calling All Superheroes - We're Looking for 2014's Top Sex Bloggers
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Can you leap over tall buildings? Do you have super-human strength? Can you control the elements? Or breathe underwater? What about X-Ray vision?Come to think of it, that last one could be a lot of fun, but at Kinkly, these aren’t the kinds of skills that really impress us; we’re looking for a different class of superhero. In fact, in 2013, our plucky group of superheroes fought not for justice, but for pleasure.It’s that time of year again and we’re on the hunt for the Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014. We’re looking for writers with charisma and courage, writers who are on a mission to promote sex positivity and save the world from bad sex. Because when you think about it, that job is pretty damned heroic. After all, the vast majority of people would choose rushing into a burning building over uttering words like “orgasm” or “clitoris” or “anal sex” in a public setting.

And yet, that’s what sex bloggers do all over the Internet every day. It’s why we promoted the heck out of our Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013, and are looking to honor the best of an amazing group by choosing a brand, spanking new list of Sex Blogging Superheroes in 2014.

Oh, and this year, there isn’t just glory to be won, but a $500 cash prize from LELO, our presenting sponsor. This prize will go to the blog that receives the most online votes from its readers – a bit of a Viewers Choice Award!

Have a favorite sex blogger you want to nominate? Here’s how it works:

  • Find your favorite blogger in our Sex Blogger Directory. (If the blog you’d like to add isn’t already on the list, it can be submitted here.)
  • Now click on your favorite bloggers from the Sex Blogger Directory page and hit their Vote For Me button. Voting for the same blogger more than once won’t count – sorry, but feel free to vote for multiple blogs.
  • For extra kudos, leave a comment below on this article telling us why you might love a certain superhero blogger or include a link to any articles you thought were especially awesome over the last year.
  • We’ll tally up the votes and read through ALL the blogs with the highest number of votes. (Hey someone’s gotta do the dirty work around here …)
  • At the end of October we’ll announce the winners based on a combination of the number of votes they received, their site’s rank in our directory, and our impressions of the site’s ability to spread the sex-positive gospel.
  • Capes are strictly optional.

Got it? Now get online and vote for your favorites.

Once you are done that, don’t hesitate to head over to LELO. They want to support the sex positive community and so we think they are worthy of the same support back.


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