Introducing Flock of Nerds and Nerducating Jon!

Hey Everyone!
I’m involved in a fun new (not-sex-related) project! Introducing Flock of Nerds!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering “But Jon, you’re not a nerd!”
Well, you’re right, I’m not. With my friends Kathryn and Myles we will be exploring, writing about and podcasting all different aspects of nerd culture. Myles is going to be covering things like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and a whole lot more. Kathryn is going to be playing all kinds of retro video games, current games and a whole lot more. And special nerdy guests will drop by to lend their particular nerdy skills to the conversation.
But what’s my part in this multi-faceted project?
I’m getting Nerducated! That’s right, Kathryn, Myles and friends will be doing their best to teach and nerducate me on our podcast Nerducating Jon. I will also be contributing blog posts about this journey into a new, odd, fantastic world.
We’ve got a start going, so you need to head over to:

AND be sure to follow us on Facebook and @flockofnerds