Christy Mack, PERSON, Beaten—Consider Donating

“In the particular case of Christy Mack, the victim blaming is taking on an even more defamatory dimension because Mack, as headlines around the web are sure to remind you, is an adult film actress. In virtually every publication from TIME to TMZ she is introduced by the same four words: “porn star Christy Mack.” You might think “porn star” is her first name and not her profession.”

Christy Mack’s assault was reprehensible, the act of a sick and twisted individual. That media fixates on her profession is fuel for more victim-blaming. Of course, her work can be noted, but the last line of the above quote from Samantha Allen says it all. Treat this case for what it is: an awful assault that no one ever deserves.

And if you would like to help Christy, consider donating to her medical expenses.