Strength In Her Naked Body

Two basic truths in this story of a man callously insulting a woman’s body:

  • Robin is a wonderfully strong person to take in these injurious words and still be able to feel love for herself. Really, she’s amazing.
  • Dave is a dark, disturbing person. A complete ass. Honesty is one thing, I think this was more of a power play on his part.

Nowhere does the world say that you have to be attracted to every single part of a partner’s body, spirt or mind. Nobody is perfect, but I truly believe you base a relationship on finding those parts of a person you appreciate and really going for it. If they have parts to them that you really do not like, that you just cannot get past…then that is when you bow out. Preferably with some grace.

If it unacceptable to offer up all kinds of solutions for change that you just assume your potential partner will embrace with enthusiasm. Dave should have just said it wasn’t working out. He should not have attacked Robin so viciously. And the part that makes it particularly appalling is that he actually seemed to think he was helping. Unfortunately, too many people do fall for and then try to please jerks like Dave.