Sex blogging Anonymity?

Ahhh, the big question. So you wanna be a sex blogger…do you use your real name?

Erica Jagger of A Sexy Woman of a Certian Age tackles this difficult question head on because of unfortunate circumstances.

On a base level, I find it rather odd that people would call Erica out for posting her blog anonymously. Never mind that it is smart, articulate, fun, informative and sexy. No…these creeps want to make sure we all know who she is too.

Anonymity is a hallmark of writing and creation. Bloggers, writers, artists, musicians, storytellers…one and all are absolutely allowed the opportunity to create in anonymity. Especially when it comes to sex.

But it isn’t just an allowance, anonymity is a need in many cases as thethe amazing collection of bloggers Erica consults attest to. That need may be personal, may be to protect relationships, may be for legalities, may be for family. Whatever the need, it is paramount.

Those creeps should be happy to be reading sex blogs at all! We are in an age where information and stories are at our fingertips…moreso than ever before. Cherish them instead of knocking them down!

I admit I write and blog under my own name. Almost always have—and there are two simple reasons for that.

  1. I didn’t think to use a pseudonym when I started out
  2. I get a kick seeing my name out there

That said, do I wish I’d used another name? In some ways yes, in some ways no. For family reasons, yes. For potential future employment, yes (this being a rather scary one these days). However, I am pleased that I’ve been able to attach my name to good events, projects and people who have done good sex-positive work.

So, really, it is a choice that is valid either way. The most important factor to me is that I hope Erica keeps up the great work, as well as all of the other sex-positive bloggers out there!