Female Sexuality: Put on a Show But No No No?

Tracy Clark-Flory offers and excellent piece on the “schizophrenic” expectations of female sexuality in response to the story of the Magaluf girl. We’ve still got such a long way to go to put men’s and women’s sexuality on the same plane. For dude’s I’ve heard of best chest and ass contests…but not anything else. Whereas, as Tracy points out, there is a long traditional of bar contests for women to participate in for the male gaze. And she’s right, they are escalating because that male gaze needs to be fed more and more. I still need to reconcile the idea that if someone enthusiastically participants in a contest or event, well, then, good for her with the idea that having these contests at all is distinctly damaging. To hear that she was tricked about the prize…that just might tip the scales.