Alison Tyler Leaves Us Bound for Trouble—In the Best Possible Way!

How does Alison Tyler do it? Every collection, every book is an exquisite journey into the world of BDSM erotica. Is it too easy to say that we readily submit to her? In her latest collection Bound for Trouble: BDSM Erotica for Women (Cleis Press), Tyler again brings together pleasure and pain. Again demonstrates the dual desires of dominance and submission. Again ties us up in those knots that we desire. 

Revel in this excerpt from Sophia Valenti‘s ‘Simple Pleasures’

Perfectly still. That’s how I wanted him. Unable to move, unable to speak. Unable to schedule yet another meeting or conference call. I wanted him to stop moving and be fully present in the moment, instead of rushing through it because he was already planning the next one.

I understood where he was coming from, I really did. Marco was a busy man. His life was a maelstrom of appointments. Between meetings, travel, and business engagements masquerading as social events, it was a wonder we found any time to date. Though I’ll admit that sometimes he managed to fit me in by double booking. Trust me, I’d gone to my fair share of corporate shindigs, during which I’d smile and make polite conversation that was only interrupted when impossibly slender wannabe actors would wander by with trays of tiny food. The servers would flash their professionally whitened smiles, but when I looked into their eyes, I could tell they’d rather be somewhere else. It was similar to the look of longing I’d see in Marco’s eyes at the end of a tiring day, when he’d let his guard down. I knew he loved his work, but he was wrapped up in a tangle of obligations. Having taken control of his family’s business, he was determined to make it even more successful than it had already been. Pride and ambition fueled him, but he didn’t know how to switch off those feelings in order to recharge.

The world may have seen a bold, successful executive, but I saw a man who desperately needed someone else to take the reins—if only for a little while.

I’d seen glimmers of that desire the times I’d wrested control from him in the bedroom. The first time I flipped us over and rode his cock, I saw his eyes light with fire. The next time, I took things a step further, holding his wrists over his head as I ground my body against him and took my pleasure. I watched his face soften as he surrendered to my will and lost himself in pure, unadulterated lust.

I felt like his true nature had been revealed to me for the very first time, and it tripped something inside me. I wanted to see that look again. I wanted him exposed and vulnerable, abandoning everything he thought he needed to be.

While he may have lavished me with expensive presents, that moment of clarity and release would be my gift to him.