When Mystics have Sex w/Kai

When Mystics have Sex w/Kai 

Sunday, June 22
at 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Birds & Beans Café
2413 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto, Ontario M8V 1C5

Birds and Beans Café invites you to join us for a dialogue and discussion with Kai Baron now recast as “When Mystics have Sex”.

What happens when mystics explore the sacred realm of their sexuality? is there such a thing as Mystical sex? sex magic? sexual Shamanism? how does Tantra and the Tao reflect on the practices of sex and sensuality.

In this one hour talk, we will dive together into the mystical path of Sacred Sexuality. We will learn about Sexuality’s expressions through the different spiritual traditions across the ages. Topics include Daoist and Hindu forms of Tantra, foundational concepts, different approaches — restrictive and expansive, and a taste of what tantric practices are all about. We will look into how various religions differ in their innate outlook of life and sexuality, including masturbation, brothels, orgasms, penis size and so much more. Excited? Please keep in mind this event will be all talk!

Kai is an awakened spiritual master, a modern day mystic. He is ordained as a Tantric Daka and holds facilitations in a Shamanic fashion. He is a spiritual teacher and a public speaker in the fields of theology, eastern philosophy, and mysticism. Having ventured through various spiritual paths himself, Baron was ordained as a Hindu priest (Brahmana), certified as a Yoga and Tai Chi instructor, and has been studying and practicing Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism and Yoga in many of its different flavors since the age of 14. Baron has instructed numerous meditation workshops and yoga retreats and has given hundreds of talks and lectures about the nature of spirituality and self inquiry.

This event is complimentary, courtesy of Birds and Beans Café. Come and meet Kai and see if you are drawn to other events he is offering while he is in town.