Process Gallery: TRANS:formation by Mariam Magsi

Process Gallery: TRANS:formation by Mariam Magsi

Reception June 12, 8pm
Gallery 1313

1313 Queen St. West
Artist Statement
What is male? What is female? What are the preconceived notions that govern modern day sexuality, gender and perception? This photo essay projection accompanied with a voiceover by the subject aims to delve into these questions during an intimate transgender transformation, while also investigating topics of racism, immigration, childhood and relationships.
“You like what you like…and sometimes you’re surprised with what you like.”
~Jimm|Diana (Transgender subject in the photo essay)
Artist Bio:
Mariam Magsi was born and raised in Pakistan and currently works as a visual artist, social worker and writer in Toronto, Canada. She holds a B.F.A from the University of Toronto. A travel junkie, you will find her in various parts of the world, documenting her adventures along the way. She enjoys curating exhibitions and also dabbles in conceptual fashion photography. Her published work can be found in Vogue Italy, BlogTo, Plaid Magazine, Scene Magazine, Herald Tribune and more.

Wed- Sun. 1-6pm


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