GREAT READ: A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture

This is an excellent essay on rape culture by Zaron Burnett III. As a male writer myself, I recognize my privilege and my responsibility to not perpetuate rape culture. But that recognition is an ongoing process because so much of rape culture is ingrained our out societal constructs of gender. So, I don’t write that much on rape culture, but I do read many articles and blog posts. I want to deconstruct what has been instilled in me from birth. I want to ensure the the messages I pass to my daughter are clear.

But it is hard. Because, just as Zaron states, I am a part of rape culture.

I look through Zaron’s lists and I have done those things to be an ally. And I think my female friends would consider me a good ally. But I don’t want to presume that. I don’t want to slack. If I become lax in observing and challenging rape culture then I won’t be much of an ally anyone, will I?