Dan Savage on Sex City—Tonight—FOR REAL!

Due to technical difficulties, last night’s Sex City with Dan Savage did not air. 

SOOOO…be sure to listen TONIGHT at 11pm to catch it!

Dorianne Emmerton, my fabulous co-host on Sex City has put together an amazing show for this coming Tuesday! For the first time ever, the incomparable Dan Savage appears on the show to talk about his dirty film festival HUMP! Also appearing are Dot Dot Dot, a clown burlesque drag act playing at TRANSDANGEROUS CABARET – A Proud Voices Event and Sadie Epstein-Fine and Dr. Kenneth McNeilly, from The Common Ground: A Musical Dissertation, a Fringe show about teens with gay parents.

Check out Dan and Dorianne TONIGHT at 11pm on CIUT 89.5FM and streaming around the world on ciut.fm.