Call For Submissions: Sex Toy Erotica, A Frisky Feminist Anthology

Call For Submissions

Sex Toy Erotica, A Frisky Feminist Anthology
Editor: Lauren Marie Fleming
Publisher: Frisky Feminist
Deadline: July 6, 2014

Payment: If your story is selected to be in the anthology, you will be paid $25 (or $40 towards a product on Frisky Feminist Press if you prefer that) and coupons for three free digital copies that you can disperse how you wish. Additionally — because Frisky Feminist Press believes in the power of profit-sharing — each author will receive 5% of the profits over $500 that the book makes in the first year (to be paid out at the end of the year). Potential distributions after that depend on the book’s financial performance.

Length: 2,000-5,000 words
Format: Pages, Word or RTF attached to the email, no PDFs, English only please
Submit to:, please title the email “Sex Toy Erotica Anthology Submission” followed by the title of your piece.

Include in your attachment and in the body of the email: Your legal name, your age as of July 4, 2014, your email address, the name you would like to have published with your piece, the working title for the piece (titles may be edited, but author will have a say in the editing process), whether this piece has been published before, and if so where and what rights you have to republish it.

Important Note: All pieces must be original works of the author. We prefer original pieces but will make some exceptions for pieces published elsewhere first as long as the author still retains all rights.

Topic: I always say it’s easier to write if you have a topic, so I’ve given this particular anthology the topic of sex toys. Be clever in how you incorporate them, and think outside the typical box. Has someone discovered their Rumba vibrates and they ride it around the house? Do two lovers want to try pegging for the first time but are nervous and don’t know what to get? Has a poly-triad decided to create weekly sex labs with different toys? Has a person gotten tired of the same toys and headed into a sex shop only to be distracted by a hot fellow customer looking at their favorite toy?

To include:
Sex toys, lube, condoms, accessories, anything you’d find in a sex store. Give names of toys if you have them, especially if they’re well known (like the Hitachi Magic Wand) and readers can see them in their heads, but also describe the way they look and tell me about the feeling of your leather strap-on tied against your butt.
Comedy, awkwardness, realness, depth.
Your favorite toys, positions, dynamics, scenarios. All writing works best if it comes from a place of personal understanding or experienced fantasy. Write to get yourself off!
Great writing, I want to feel like I’m there in the room with you, I want to get wrapped up in your narrator’s story. Give me details, tell me about the feel of the bedspread, the color of the lover’s eyes, their smell, I want to fall in love with the situation, yearn to be there, feel like I can smell it.
Authenticity and diversity. I want stories that represent different races, sexual orientations, ability of bodies, gender identities, relationship dynamics, body sizes, etc.

To avoid:
Clichés, stereotypes, overused scenarios or phrases, unless you’re mocking them, in which case it should be funny or poignant.
Incest, bestiality, sex with minors (under 18), nonconsensual sex. While we believe in freedom of expression, we also must avoid obscenity charges, so any submissions with these topics will be discarded.
Using vulgarity or crudeness, unless it fits the scene. Nothing ruins a gorgeously sensual scene like going from “he touched me lovingly, kissing me delicately and caressing my face in his hand” to “then he rammed his cock into my ass.” There is definitely a place for ramming cocks in asses, but make sure you’re using the right language for the scene you’re creating.

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