TMI Tuesday: May 6, 2014—How Creative Are You?

TMI Tuesday: May 6, 2014—How Creative Are You?

Today’s TMI Tuesday was inspired by Dominic Wilcox Variation on Normal and from questions submitted by Virtual Sin. Both men are brilliantly creative.
How creative are you?

1. Have you ever had an idea for an invention that you thought would be commercially viable? Care to share a brief synopsis, photo or sketch?

As I am not wealthy, no, nothing has been a hit. There are plenty of ideas churning up there…but I think I’ll keep them close.

2. Visual arts: Do you do any painting or drawing? Are you a photographer? Sculptor? Ceramist/potter? Silversmith or other? Share one of your favorite works with us, post a photo.
The closest thing I’ve come to “physical” art is chainmaille…and sorry, I have no photos. 

a. Do you write fiction? Poetry? Share with us by linking to your work.

b. Do you make up plots, even if you never write them down?
Part of the reason I haven’t written a novel…I am all about characterization, less so plots. Gotta work on that…

4. Do you write music? Do you sing or play a musical instrument? An audio clip would be nice 🙂
Just started a Coursera course on guitar. I own numerous instruments, can’t play any. I was in a band, as a back-up singer. Pretty sure I was on this track. I was used more for ornamental reasons, not so much for singing ability.

5. Do you write computer programs? What do you like most about that?
Um, no.

a. Do you have a hobby that involves making something? Examples might be woodworking, baking, sewing, etc.
The aforementioned chainmaille. I also make pins, including a version of the Hanky Code in pin form. 

b. What is the last thing you made?

Bonus: What is it? How would you use it? Write a caption.

Frozen cucumbers? 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!