Sex Butter—Better Than Ever!

I don’t covet many things. I wasn’t the type of kid to horde Hallowe’en candy and as an adult if I buy I nice bottle of wine, I drink it. 

But my jar of Sex Butter…that is a different story. 
I’ve had that little jar for over two years because it is my special sex stuff. We only pull it out on occasion and even then, we use it sparingly. I’ll readily admit I can’t afford the cost of it, even though I know that it is one of the best sex products I’ve ever owned. I seriously love the stuff!
Recently I heard from Bonnie Gayle, Creator and Founder of Sex Butter and she told me

that my beloved creamy mix has gone through some changes to make it even more awesome. I had to get more details (because I am looking forward to trying it).

You’ve recently reformulated Sex Butter? What prompted this change? 

There were some complaints with the original cream such as: 
  • Stability in temperature (it melted at 70 degrees and then looked like baby cavier in oil afterwards which nobody wants to then apply to their most private parts
  • Many women didn’t like the smell of it. It turned them off which was the opposite of what I wanted
  • People complained about the taste. That’s not good if you want to use it for oral sex. 

How are long-time users receiving the new formulation?
The return users who liked it then have raved about the fact that it’s even better now! Everyone loves the new texture, scent, and taste. We have had more reorders since this new formulation came out and now we are getting a lot of referral orders from friends of Sex Butter users!

What are some of the best ways people have told you they use Sex Butter?

I’ve had people tell me they use Sex Butter for every aspect of sex including; massage, masturbation, playing with toys, oral sex, intercourse, and anal sex play. Honestly, the funniest thing to me are the non-sexual ways people are using Sex Butter;

  • Lip gloss
  • Cuticle cream
  • Dry Elbows & Knees
  • Hand & Foot Massage
  • Foot & Leg Cramps
  • In their nose for allergies, colds and running noses
  • On their forehead and temples for headaches

Who is buying Sex Butter and who are you looking to reach out to with the new formulation? 

Both men and women are purchasing Sex Butter, mostly the 35+ ages. I’m guessing that most of Sex Butter users are in committed relationships however I’m not sure about that. It’s great for masturbation as well but probably not so much hooking-up with strangers since you can’t use it with latex (according to the FDA).

The markets I’m focusing on are
A. Web Sales & Web Affiliation (Retail Sales)

  • Couples who want to have a better sex life/deeper connection
  • Eco-friendly couples
  • Couples where sex has become same old/same old
  • Couples who love sex and want more intense experiences
  • Women 35+ (Sex Butter is great for the sexual changes women can experience when the hormonal changes start)
  • Women with Pelvic Pain issues

B. Out-of-Country Distributors
C. OBGYN offices (Wholesale Sales)
D. Sex Therapists (Wholesale Sales)

What can we look forward to in the future from Sex Butter and you? 

In the near future we will offer individual use packaging for sale and eventually some variations on packaging. I will be focusing on sexual health interviews. I’m working on a book that is a huge topic now athat doesn’t really have anything to do with sex that I hope to get published.