Nurturing sexual and body health in young children: Idea-Lab

Nurturing sexual and body health in young children: Idea-Lab presented by Gender Justice for All

Monday, June 16
at 5:30pm – 8:00pm

The 519 Church Street Community Centre
519 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y2C9

In celebration of World Pride 2014 in Toronto…
Gender Justice for All, Parent Activist Group Presents:
An idea-lab on nurturing sexual and body health in young children.

Monday June 16, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
519 Community Centre, Toronto

Let’s share, practice, and discuss specific strategies on how to:
– Give helpful and sex positive messages to young children;
– Leverage teachable moments to foster body awareness and a positive relationship with enjoying one’s own body;
– Express accurate answers to questions that young children ask;
– Find resources that affirm diverse gender and/or sexual identities and/or expressions;
– Represent the range of choices relative to sexuality.

Gender Justice for All Parent Activist Group idea-labs create space for child-raisers to form affirmative learning communities around various parenting tasks, with particular interest in supporting parenting that promotes justice.

Adinne Schwartz will facilitate the sharing of the questions and strategies you bring. Adinne is a sexual health educator with the City of Toronto Public Health Department whose experience, activism and writing shows her passion for smashing sexual stereotypes, and building sex positivity and LGBTQ inclusion.

The idea-lab is free to those who bring ideas, questions and their own water bottle. Register by sending one question and one strategy you currently use to Please help us facilitate successful logistics by letting us know that you are coming.

This workshop will take place on land appropriated from First Nations peoples, and will endeavour to subvert colonial paradigms and honour complex diversities, intersectionality and layers of oppression in its kaleidoscopic journey toward greater gender justice for all children. Everyone committed to justice and empathy is welcome.